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February 26, 2015

Greetings Fellow Healer!
Please enjoy the video and written message below!

The Healers Life! Feb 25 2015  Listen, Pace, Play! Dr. Elisabeth Crim
The Healers Life! Feb 2015 Listen, Pace, Play! Dr. Elisabeth Crim

I want to talk about listening, pacing, resting, and playing.  I am still restoring and returning to balance from the wonderful whirlwind of 2014 and the richness of my Holidays.  Somewhere in there I slipped into my old pattern of going and going and not listening, not pacing, and certainly not resting.  Even though I was in the midst of a lot of celebration and fun socially and with family through the holidays, I was also not truly playing.  I am at the age and stage of my life where I am often in charge, hosting, cooking, planning, directing, and actively holding the space for others both at home and professionally.  I love and cherish these roles and the duties that come with them.  However, this stage and age mixed with my old childhood dynamic of feeling responsible for everyone around me can set off a dangerous imbalance for me if I am not mindful and disciplined in listening to and pacing myself.  The latter created a bit of a unhealthy spiral into which I found myself whirling and twirling!  The good thing is that over time I have learned how to recognize it more quickly.  I know what to do to find my center and re-balance toward it.  I have been actively saying more "no's" than "yes's" and choosing rest and lying quietly and in stillness over gearing up for one more thing.  I even said no to my Yoga classes the last few weeks, an oxymoron in self-care in my world.  But I needed to not attend that class or two.  I needed to stay alone at home, being quiet, doing my own private practice of gentle and restorative poses.  I needed to return to my own nutritional plan that feeds and nourishes me.  I know what these things are. I know how to do them.  I also discovered again my need for play!  Mind-less, Duty-less, Schedule-less, I-am-in-charge-less PLAY!  


Interestingly, Play is as essential to our whole health as nutrious foods and quality physical exercise! (check out Terry MarksTarlow's Clinical Intuition and the research of Jaak Panksep!)  Also, registration is still open for UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning Institute's Annual Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference: Play, Creativity, Mindfulness & Neuroscience in Psychotherapy Fri, Sat & Sun, Mar 6, 7 & 8 at UCLA!  

And if you needed a little more on Play, check out the video below from child experts on play! ;->


Earlier this month, I took a private mostly silent retreat at a local Catholic retreat center. I meditated in the beautiful nature.  I rested and napped.  On a much deeper and more focused level, I felt the strange emotions and bodily sensations of quieting and slowing and not interacting in my normal scene or routine with my family and fellow professionals.  I wrote this message and recorded my video message to you above.  I even re-discovered the desire and the will to begin writing the book on Transference that has been developing within me for some time. As I attend to these very needed areas for my return to balance and awakened the next morning more refreshed, I also felt an energy emerge that was lighter, quieter, and more playful!


Balance is key.  So today, I invite you to LISTEN to yourself.  Check in with your own balance of care of self to care of other.  I invite you to slow or increase or whatever you need to do to attend to your PACE, to become mindfully present to yourself, finding the pace that is right for you.  A pace that allows you to breathe in and out, laugh and cry, have time alone and with others, to think and plan and be carefree and adventurous and to WORK and REST and PLAY.  And on that latter note, I not only invite you, I encourage and even challenge you to say no, to take a nap, to go out and play!  Go out with a friend.  See a movie with your spouse or check out that museum you have secretly wanted to visit - alone or with your daughter. Drive up the coast or to the next town.  Just drive! Or walk. Or hike. Change your scenery. Tell people you can't right now, try saying no - even for an afternoon!  And if you need to go away for an hour, a morning, afternoon, or overnight private retreat with yourself and God, your Source, then let yourself.  Let's have some of the quiet you have been thirsting for.  Let's take that nap you body is crying for.  Let's eat the foods that nourish you. Let's Play!  

Listen, PaceWorkRest, and Play!


Until next month, I pray you are able to hear your inner wisdom and playfully find your balance.


Peace and Joy, 

and the Moonstone Center Team


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Please enjoy the video below on 
The Importance of Play!
by Children 
Children speaking about the importance of play
Children speaking about the importance of play

As they tell you why play is important for them, 
listen to it as a prescription for you Oh Adult Healer! ;->

Serious Note 
Fellow California Psychologists, 

The California Board of Psychology votes TODAY (2.26.15) and/or TOMORROW (2.27.15) on the proposed changes to how we earn CEUs. California Psychological Association (CPA) and Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA) Board members and members are attending the meeting requesting the following:

BOP hold off on putting these new regulations into practice, and instead allow for an additional period of time for further review and discussion. Such a period of time could offer the BOP the opportunity to hear concerns of psychologists and offer psychologists the opportunity to understand more about the BOP's rationale for the proposed changes, and other items may be included in this statement. 
Link to Board Agenda"  - Pamela McCrory, PhD, LACPA Board Member and Past President

Dr. Bruce Gale will be attending and presenting his collected data from survey he posted that walks through the proposal point by point and poses questions to access individual psychologist's responses to the proposed changes.  SURVEY.  Dr. Gale planned to complile survey results Wednesday, 2.25.15 to present to the BOP on Thursday, 2.26 or Friday 2.27.15.  

I will use the newsletter and announcement tool to communicate only intermittently and as I deem necessary and appropriate re: the larger community this newsletter serves.  I encourage you to join and participate in CPA and your own county professional psychological organization for more routine and thorough updates re: license regulatory issues and advocacy needs and activities. The member listservs are active with the issue! ;-> 

After you engage with this issue in the best way for you personally, make sure you take a deep breath in and out and go out and do something fun!  As important as the above is, You are so much more than your profession!

As always, Peace and Joy, 
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