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June 17, 2013


Greetings Fellow Healers!


What a busy Spring - especially May - we have had at Moonstone Center!  Events, Speaking Engagements, Writing Articles and Newsletters, Treatment Teaming, and Networking with many of you through local professional meetings, LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook and YouTube!  This has been a season of collaborating, networking, and actively reaching out to others, while also developing material and next steps for Moonstone Center itself.  It has been fun, energizing, and deepening for me, for Julie Brown, Moonstone Center's Events Manager, and our entire team, as we have met and engaged with new and previously developed relationships. We truly value collaborative relationships. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us and allowing us to share with you! 


Catching Up:

Some of our activities have included our 6 hour CE Event with Dr. Terry Marks-Tarlow, a fun, inspiring, and meaningful time of learning based in her incredible book, Clinical Intuition: The Neurobiology of the Embodied Response.  She has a work book based on the same material coming out from Norton publishers in the next few months, so keep an eye open for it!  I had an article in San Gabriel Valley Psych Association's May/June Newsletter, Analyze This!  I also had an article just come out this month in the Summer issue of Yoga Therapy Today, a member magazine for the International Association for Yoga Therapy.  I continue to enjoy speaking in the Los Angeles area for various professional organizations and treatment centers.  If you are interested, please email or call us if you would like to explore how I can speak to your organization.  Each event is full of energy and passion for all of us in attendance - Engaging with you and your communities has been so fulfilling!


Summertime & Re-Balancing: 

For those of us who grew up in the USA, and maybe other environs too, we are programmed to let down, let go, relax, restore, and play a bit when June arrives and "School's Out!"  Even though many of us remain busy year round, our biorhythms established since childhood still long for a shift in our level and type of activity. We feel an intrinsic need for some play and restoration.  Nature, with its warmer temperature and sunnier and longer days, calls for it!  And if you have children in your life - young or older - you also feel the shift as their school schedule changes (from pre-school thru college for your own children, your family's or friend's children or your grandchildren!). This often results in your own home and work schedule changing too. Even if you have no children in your life in a personal way, your very environment is changing as kids in our communities are out and about in a new way.


Pay attention to your environment, your social, familial, and environmental shifts, subtle though they may be.  Listen to your own mind-body-spirit-relational rhythm.  What are you needing to re-balance and restore, to integrate and be grounded and present to this time and season?


Today I invite you to consider Balance - Finding it! Or Re-Balancing - Re-Finding it!  As fulfilling as this Spring has been, by the end of May, I found myself quite out of balance!  I have needed deep rest and time away from busy and engaging activities, including emailing, newsletters, meetings, tweeting, etc!  You may have noticed my reduced presence in the last month.  You can interpret it as a long exhale and inhale and a time of my own personal re-grounding.  I am returning to my active professional presence slowly as I continue to re-balance and integrate all that I and we at Moonstone Center have experienced and developed and all that we are planning going forward. 


I want to encourage you to take the time to do the same.  Summer is a fabulous Season. Take Time. Make Space. Be Mindful. Sit quietly. Go out and be in nature - at a Park, the Beach, a Hiking Trail, or your own back yard or apartment balcony that you rarely sit in and enjoy.  Listen to You.  And, Play!  It's Summertime!



The Healer's Life:  Find Your Balance - June 2013 Dr. Elisabeth Crim & Moonstone Center
The Healer's Life: Find Your Balance - June 2013 Dr. Elisabeth Crim & Moonstone Center




May-June/Summer 2013 Articles by Elisabeth


SGVPA Newsletter: 

Analyze This!  May/June, 2013

Clinical Intuition:  Neurological and Theoretical Bases According to Terry Marks-Tarlow

San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association


IAYT Member Publication:

Yoga Therapy Today - Summer 2013

Feature Article:  Yoga Therapy for Mental Health:  Understanding Competence in the Context of Collaborative Treatment Teaming

International Association of Yoga Therapists



Speaking by Elisabeth

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On the calendar in June:  June 25, 2013

Transference & Counter-Transference:  The Consciousness Needed by Client & Clinician - Including Twelve Step Sponsors and Spiritual Directors

Where:  Thelma McMillen Center  Torrance, CA




Please check out on the home page marquee of www.moonstonecenter.com for  more info and upcoming Events & Speaking dates and places!


Therapist Centered Clinical Consultation

I am  available for individual and group consultation.  Contact me if you want to schedule an individual session or if you want to form a group of your trusted colleagues for me to join as consultant.  Additionally, I am putting out a call to form a Therapist-Centered Consultation Group at this time.  Please contact me if you are interested scheduling or forming your own group or if you want to be a part of a group that I am forming.  I offer individual clinical consultation and practice development based in a therapist-centered model of self-care that approaches clinical cases and practice development based in transference/counter-transference processes, mind-body-spirit psychodynamic psychotherapy, and collaborative treatment teaming.  


Social Media Networking


I am enjoying connecting with many of you through LinkedIn, Twitter, and my professional Facebook page as well as YouTube and our Monthly newsletter:  The Healer's Life!  which you are reading now!  Come join me and/or Moonstone Center at these sites!


I hope to see or connect with you before the next newsletter!  Don't forget to PLAY!!!!! and Find or Re-Find YOUR Balance!


With Peace, Joy, Love and Light,

Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team


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Clinical Intuition: The Neurobiology of Embodied Response by Terry Marks-Tarlow


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