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February 20, 2013 


Hello Fellow Healer!


Please listen to my video message to you this month. You will find it below. 


I entitled this one "Live Life!" as I found myself moving from my inward hibernation, where I entered full of depletion and hopelessness needing restoration and and recuperation from the fatiguing energy I experienced from the holidays, 24 hour news cycles and continued daily reminders of seeming increasing violence in our culture.  I am writing to you today as I am entering a phase of moving outward, returning to external energies with deeper breathing, movement, connecting both within and without (nature, family, friends, colleagues).  I am discovering the path of adventuring again! Even in the realm of taking spontaneous walks with my husband, laughing more deeply with my amazing step-children, enjoying who my clients have healed into thus far, and tasting a bit of delight in meeting new professionals in the ever-evolving world around us!   Just like our biological rhythms of breath, inhale...exhale...  We have life rhythms of moving inward....moving outward...  Several of you commented on my January newsletter and video; one of you stated that it felt "bold" to acknowledge the compassion fatigue that can develop in our lives not only in our professional practice but in our personal living and relationships.  Others said they resonated with my message of feeling hopeless and depleted from the high output of energy our wonderful Holiday season often requires as well as the collective trauma we are still surviving since Newtown.  I am so pleased that my sharing part of my journey can resonate and invite you more deeply into yours.  It is my deepest reason in writing and speaking of The Healer's Life to you each month.


In my last newsletter, I said, "In our current climate and culture and as Healers at this time of year, we have to make an extra effort to practice mindfulness, paying attention to our own needs for rest, nurture, restoration, and yes, fun and play!"  I want to reiterate this statement!  And I want to honor that I think in listening and acting on my own words, I have healed a bit, restored a bit, and I feel more alive than I have in some time.  Alive and free, yet calm and peaceful at the same time.


6 CEUs on March 16

It is in the latter spirit that I hope you will consider attending our next CE Event, Dancing the Transference: Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client!  It will be invigorating, challenging, and a great way to both take care of yourself in a beautiful setting, Hermosa Beach.  We will do some gentle and beginner level yoga, attuning to our bodys and re-energizing throughout the day even as we integrate our learning through mind-body-breath.  You will have an opportunity to connect and engage with fellow professionals as well as look at the role of transference and countertransference both in your clinical casework but also its reach into your personal life.  It is a CE experience that can also serve as a powerful act of self-care!



Please stay involved as you can in the response to the Newtown shootings.  I hear the terms and phrases, "mental illness" and "the current mental health system" being tossed about and interjected sometimes appropriately and sometimes quite ignorantly and dangerously.  I also note these terms/phrases are completely dropped out of the conversation - also inappropriate and dangerous!  We must be involved in the conversation.  We know mental health treatment services are sorely inadequate in our nation and throughout each state and local community.  We also know that a mental illness does not necessarily equal violence.  And we know our culture has increasingly become so violent in its language, imagery, entertainment, and treatment of fellow persons, that this is an issue in our collective conscious and unconsciousness.  And yes, guns and how they are regulated, etc. are part of these issues, as it seems the conversation has come to title it. But guns are only a part of the issue.  We must keep our professional voices in this conversation...with family and friends, in letters or emails, in joining organizations...there are so many ways to speak the truth that you know, Professional Healer!  Remember speaking our truth is part of our self care!  Let others hear what you think...



Pease do check out the SideBar for extras from Moonstone Center and me.  I want to put in a plug for Tom McGee and his program, Heal the Boy, Save the Man!  Tom works with his colleague, Richard Palmer, in putting on workshops for both men and women and has a strong clinical sense wrapped in sturdy compassion!  And for a great lift mid-week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, check out Monica Lee on www.SmartCreativeWomen.com!  You don't have to be a guy to get something out of her webtv show!  (and I think she is replaying her interview with me from last summer on today's show...!)


Ultimately,  I encourage you fellow Healer.  Pause a moment- yes, right now! ;-> Listen to yourself, and Give to yourself what you hear your body, mind, emotions, and spirit saying you need and want. Listen to those who have compassion for you; they sometimes are kinder to you than you are to yourself!       Rest, Play...Restore, Rejuvenate, Rejoice!      LIVE Your LIFE


I hope to see you March 16! 


Until then, we at Moonstone Center wish you a month of continued rest and restoration, play and laughter!


With Peace, Joy, Love and Light, 

Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team
The Healer's Life - Live Life!  Newsletter of Dr. Elisabeth Crim & Moonstone Center 
The Healer's Life - Live Life! Newsletter of Dr. Elisabeth Crim & Moonstone Center


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   Dancing the Transference: Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client


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CLINICAL SUPERVISORS!  Supervisors who register for this event can receive special pricing for their MFT Interns and Post Doctoral grads. Call Julie Brown at 310-938-3203 or email events@moonstonecenter.com for details on special pricing and group discounts. 


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Dancing the Transference Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client 


 March 16, 2013








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