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November 14, 2012 


Dear Fellow Healer,


My message to you this month is brief.  Be Grateful.  Give Thanks.  There is a scripture in the Bible that says, "God inhabits the Praises of His People."  One form of Praise to God is Thanksgiving for the blessings She gives us.  Some years ago I learned a valuable lesson.  I discovered that when I Thanked God for something in my life, my energy changed.  Even when I thanked God for things I did not initially deem pleasant or desirable, the energy around me lightened and brightened.  Situations that had seemed difficult, seem to become more easily managed. And amazingingly, sometimest he very thing I was offering thanks for, began to change as well.  Gratitude can be a route to healthy acceptance which can also include or actually mean, letting go of attachment to some outcome or desired thing. Herein lies an experience of freedom that I believe so many Eastern religions or Native spiritual paths honor and espouse. It is in the intentional letting go that we settle back into the expansive now, the present moment. A cognitive, emotional and spiritual practice of gratitude can be a powerful route to this state of centered peace.  Even a physical posture of palms open (a Jewish, Christian and Muslim expression of thanksgiving and surrender) and a yogic mudra of meditation can invite or enhance this expression.


Regardless of your view of spirituality, God, or religion, moving into an attitude of thanksgiving can be softening, lightening, brightening, and even strengthening and hope- and peace-giving.  Take a moment and quietly inventory each of the gifts in your life.  Even in times of great difficulty, if we pause and look, we can see and find small and powerful miracles in which to delight and have gratitude.  From simple things like the ability to have clean fresh water the moment you are thirsty to something as momentous as experiencing a life- long desire fulfilled, or something so profound as a near tragedy averted...each deserves quiet gratitude or exultant and celebratory Thanksgiving! And again, offering thanks for those things that we deem imperfect can result in their and our eventual or immediate transformation.

As we ponder gratitude in both celebration and letting go, let us also pause to send positive thoughts, prayers, and/or energy to those close to home, across our nation, and throughout our world who may be suffering or struggling this Thanksgiving month.  I personally remain affected for those on our US Eastern Seaboard recently devastated by Superstorm Sandy.  From our own state of gratitude, let us consider giving to others during this time.


Take a moment to watch my video.  Plan on attending Dancing the Transference: Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client.  Look for my festive message in December's The Healer's Life.


And Pause, Breath in and Breath Out, and Give Thanks!


Until we meet next month, I wish you peace in your journey.


Happy Thanksgiving!
With Peace and Gratitude for you,


Elisabeth and the Moonstone Center Team
Dr. Elisabeth Crim Newsletter: The Healer's Life-Gratitude
Dr. Elisabeth Crim Newsletter: The Healer's Life-Gratitude


Newsy News!


October-Early November was full of connection, networking, continuing education and professional development for those of us at Moonstone Center! 


October 13

LACPA (Los Angeles County Psychological Assn) Annual Conference was a meaningful time of meeting fellow psychologists and some MFTs and LCSWs through both the CE events and the many Exhibitor Booths.  From former fellow grad students to colleagues to recently formed professional relationships to new contacts with whom to network in the future, it was a vibrant and rich meeting.  And the many workshop CEUs were pretty good too!  Especially those on ethics and the digital age and those addressing mind-body-spirit issues of the therapist diagnosed with cancer.
October 27
Moonstone Center: Restoring the Healer: Exploring Somatic Transference and Compassion Fatigue led by me with Simone Marke't, Yoga Therapist was a meaningful success.  We met some amazing people across the developmental continuum of their careers in the fields of psychology, social work and marriage and family therapy.  Both didactic and experiential, it seemed many experienced deep relaxation and renewal as well as increased knowledge of themselves as therapists and individuals at an integrated level of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Those of you who attended we thank you for joining us!
November 1
Invigorating meeting with IAYT (International Assn of Yoga Therapy) Journal Editor, B. Grace Bullock, PhD, Eugene, OR.  Finding similar passions in the Power of Collaborative Treatment Teaming for Yoga therapists Bridging Treatment other Health care professionals, including Psychotherapists for the treatment of the whole person!  Also really good chai latte at Full City Roasters! ;->
November 2-4
IFPE (International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education) Annual Conference was held in Portland, OR.  Not only did I have the honor of presenting on Somatic Transference: The Body's process in Psychotherapy, I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people with brilliant minds and incredible attunement to the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic processes of transference and counter-transference, the touchstones of each CE I teach and Moonstone Center produces!  It was a feast for me! I was also able to connect with my theoretical mentor and teacher, Robert Stolorow who has a PhD in Psychology and a PhD in Philosophy.  He was honored in receiving the IFPE Hans W. Loewald Award this year.  To those of you joining me in The Healer's Life, I say welcome!  And thank you for welcoming me so graciously into IFPE.
October-Early November

Julie Brown, Moonstone Center Events Manager, and I enjoyed connecting and reconnecting locally with those of you who are members through SGVPA (San Gabriel Valley Psych Assn), CAMFT-WLA, AAMFT-Santa Monica/WLA, CAMFT-LB-SBay, and LACPA-SouthBay , and Clinical Social Work - South Bay.   It is always an honor to meet with you and speak or write for your organizations.



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  • Transference: Couples
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  • Somatic Transference: The Body's Process in Psychotherapy

 Power Collab TxPower of Collaborative Treatment Teaming: Bridging Complementary-Alternative Therapies with Traditional Mental Health Treatment

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  • Yoga Therapy, Acupuncture, Psychiatry and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

        Restoring HealerRestoring the Healer: Exploring Somatic Transference and Compassion Fatigue

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   Dancing the Transference:  Honoring the Relationship Between Therapist and Client 

Early Registration is open for Moonstone Center's next 6 Hour Continuing Education Event!  JOIN US in MARCH 2013 for this one day educational experience that will also guide you in understanding the transference and counter-transference (the unconscious organizing principles) that are at play in each therapist-client relationship and communication.  This 6 CE Workshop will help you be a more whole, mind-body-spirit aware, and effective and ethical therapist for your clients or patients.

CLINICAL SUPERVISORS!  Supervisors who register for this event can receive special pricing for their MFT Interns and Post Doctoral grads. Call Julie Brown at 310-938-3203 or email events@moonstonecenter.com for details on special pricing and group discounts. 

Dancing the Transference:

Honoring the Relationship

Between Therapist and Client



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Saturday, March 2013

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Dancing the Transfernce

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