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October 8, 2012 


Dear Fellow Healer,

I want to invite you to consider the many contrasts and vantage points we juggle on a daily basis.  I would like to invite the word "AND" into our conversation.

Mind, Body and Spirit.  Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational.  Right and Left Brain.  Research and Intuition.   Nature and Nurture.  Didactic and Experiential.  Inside and Outside.  Light and Dark.  Scheduled and Spontaneous.  Controlled and In the Flow.  Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.  Science and Art.  For those of us in the USA, dare I say, Democrat and Republican?! ;->

Powerful word, eh?  AND!

We live in a world of so many seeming contradictions that are in reality parts of a whole with separate but equally important functions.  Often the disparate roles, functions, or views vary in importance depending on the situation we find ourselves in or are considering.  Even in the case of hierarchies, each level is critical and interdependent.

Integration, Balance and Mutual Respect are required to reach the whole...the whole of health, of being human, of living.

I often address and stress the importance of attending to our clients and patients and ourselves as Health Care Professionals.  Through Moonstone Center, I have focused my psychotherapy and writing and speaking toward mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of self.  Through Moonstone Center, I practice many "ands."

An interesting new "and" has been emerging in the zeitgeist of therapists:  "Psychotherapists and Artists" (various mediums of paint, photography, spoken word, dance, music, performance).  For decades, many psychotherapists, have integrated both artist and psychotherapist into their Healer identity as Art Therapists. But this integrated role has experienced a fresh honored resurgence of late.  Last fall the SoCal CAMFT(California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) including CAMFT-LA, CAMFT-LB-SBay and CAMFT-OC) chapters organized a joint conference that incorporated art produced by psychotherapists.  Dr. Marjorie Rand, MFT, a noted Body Psychotherapist and Artist led that effort.    Just last weekend, LACPA (Los Angeles County Psychological Association) hosted a 2 day weekend event, Mirrors of the Mind: the Psychotherapist as Artist: An Exhibition of Visual and Performing Arts.  Dr. Terry Marks-Tarlow, created and curated this phenomenal visual and auditory experience that left me with a deep sense of my soul and of a deep massage of my aesthetic self.  I told Terry, a friend and colleague who has and continues to embrace many "ands" in her identity, that I first attended Mirrors of the Mind to support her, but chose to stay the full day for myself.  I even went home and brought my husband back to take in the incredible art that would rival any professional artist (though the experience included many who are both).   I led Moonstone Center in hosting a book launch and art show this past summer for Dr. Marks-Tarlow herself, as a Psychologist, Author, Artist, and Opera Libretto Author, as we joined together in celebrating her recent book, Clinical Intuition, and her artwork, joining the zeitgeist we are living.   

We are more than our identity as Professional Healer. We are many "ANDs". 

Fellow Healer, I invite, encourage and challenge you!  Attend to those diverse "ands"  that make up a whole you.  See some art; Pick up a paint brush...Read a novel;  Start writing one... Go see a play; Join a community theater...Watch a football game; Join a community sports team...Take a Yoga Class; Become a Yoga Teacher or YogaTherapist!

 And, on a related note,

I believe in the power of beauty.  I believe in the energy of the ocean.  I believe in the deep knowledge that comes from integrating didactic with experiential learning.  Come join us at The Beach House in Hermosa Beach on Saturday, October 27 for a 6 hour CE experience in which you will enjoy dynamic education via vibrant lecture and extensive restorative yoga experience in Restoring the Healer:  Exploring Somatic Transference & Compassion Fatigue.   I promise you will experience a set of "ands" that you will not want to miss.  

Contact Julie Brown if you are a Clinical Supervisor to learn more about discounts for your supervisees if you attend.   Guide your supervisees and encourage your colleagues to attend to Mind and Body and Spirit and Relationship!

Have fun exploring and creating room for all of who you are!




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Somatic Transference:  The Body's Process in Psychotherapy 

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   Restoring the Healer: Exploring Somatic Transference and Compassion Fatigue


Registration is open for Moonstone Center's next 6 Hour Continuing Education Event!  JOIN US ON OCTOBER 27th in HERMOSA BEACH for this one day educational experience that will also guide you in your own mind-body restoration, helping you be a more whole and effective therapist for your clients. 

CLINICAL SUPERVISORS!  Supervisors who register for the event can receive special pricing for their interns and post grads. Call Julie Brown at 310-938-3203 or email events@moonstonecenter.com for details on special pricing and group discounts. 

Restoring the Healer: 

Exploring Somatic Transference a

and Compassion Fatigue 

With Presenters

Dr. Elisabeth Crim,

Licensed Psychologists,

Certified Relax & Renew Yoga Trainer

Simone Marke't, 

Certified Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Teacher Trainer

6 CEUs - Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


The Beach House - Hermosa Beach, CA


 Continental Breakfast & Beverages Served

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The ultimate good and safe treatment of a client or patient requires the therapist to have awareness of the underlying mind-body processes that re at play in the therapeutic relationship.  I this CE offering, Dr. Crim collaborates with trusted Yoga Therapist, Simone Marke't, to address the mind-body process of somatic transference and counter-transference that exists and can emerge in the process of ethical and effective therapeutic relationship.  Somatic Transference the neuro-physiological organizing activity of the relational dynamics between therapist and client, and compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma that may develop for therapists and healers will be addressed.  The role of therapists' self care is critical to ethical treament of patients will be explored. The neuro-physiological theory and techniques of Yoga Therapy that can positively affect mind-body processes of therapists and clients will be addressed.  Didactic, Experiential, Group Discussion.  Some Yoga incorporated.  All levels of experience with yoga (none to advanced) can participate safely. 


At Moonstone Center, we approach each CE Event with a commitment to professional development and dynamic education in a setting of self care.   More info below.  Register Now!   



Julie Brown, Moonstone Center Events Manager     

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Looking forward to seeing you there! 


Elisabeth, Julie, and The Moonstone Team
























 Restoring Healer

Restoring the Healer

Exploring Somatic Transference & Compassion Fatigue

 October 27, 2012

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