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We're in the dog days of summer, but that's no reason to be uninspired. Join us next week for dinner and meaningful conversation at the Earle Brown Center where we'll engage in a World Café discussion. If you've never been to one of these, try it out and you might get hooked. Speaking of trying something out (and eating), there's time for non-degree students to register for stimulating classes that satisfy your spiritual hunger. Finally, we are sharing more information about the Deidre Scherer exhibition next month, including workshops. So read on!


August 7, 2013 - In This Issue:

Plan Ahead:
September 9
Fall Term Begins
What Could Be Better?
Stimulating conversation over a tasty dinner and connecting with interesting people.

World Cafe Banner
August 13 and/or September 5
6:30-8:30 PM
No charge 
It's a World Café! Voices of the wider community are all welcome as United opens a conversation exploring personal spiritual needs and support. This World Café discussion will be a stimulating conversation, exploring such questions as:
  • What gives you spiritual strength?
  • When and under what circumstances do you have meaningful spiritual conversations with friends?
  • What online or other resources have you tapped to address your spirituality?
  • Do you feel that you are led by your spirituality?
  • What's the difference between spiritual and religious?
  • What role, if any, does a church play in your spiritual life?
  • What could be the role of a seminary in an individual's or a community's spiritual life?
Registration for buffet dinner and more information
Try a Little Theological Education on for Size. 
It's not too late for fall!

If you've ever wondered how theological education could be of value in your life, or if you want to expand your ministerial toolbox in new areas, here's an invitation to consider a variety of great classes suitable for non-degree students:


Sarah Bellamy 

Bearing Witness: The Power of Story

Taught by United's new visiting professor of theatre and culture, Sarah P. Bellamy, the class looks at the power of theatre to promote social justice and equity through story and performance. Read more.



 Gary Reierson2

Urban Social Justice Ministry

Gary Reierson's class examines how parishes and local agencies implement and support homeless shelters, prison ministry and food pantries. Learn how social justice initiatives address s  ystemic social, political and economic realities. This class will be held in Minneapolis. Read more.



Learn about other classes in social justice; theology & the arts; theology, history and ministry. Curious? Contact the admissions office at admissions@unitedseminary.edu or call 651.255.6119.

"Threads of Connection: Works by Deidre Scherer"
September 23 through November 18
Classroom and Bigelow Chapel Galleries  


Vermont artist Deidre Scherer's extraordinary work in thread on fabric has the impassioned effect of inviting us to view aging in new and insightful ways.  


In addition to her two-month exhibition at United, Deidre will be artist-in-residence from October 2-5, offering workshop opportunities and reflection on what's behind her subject matter and how she achieves her amazing technique.


More information, including related events   


(Pictured: "In Her Room")
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