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Can you believe it's October already!!!  Neither can I, but we now get to see a beautiful gift from God...the New England Fall season.

If you have not seen the new website, I urge you to do so and to click that little Orange RSS feed (see my post in the News about it) so you can literally have Church news discretely delivered to your email Inbox or favorite browser.

This type of website allows us to share with the community much more, keep the Congregation informed in a timely manner and, hopefully, have folks check us out because we are so active and caring!

Enjoy this month's newsletter and look for much more information on our website.  Have ideas for it?  Let me know and I'll do my best.

New Website, New URL (
Surprising Gifts - Stewardship Campaign
Have you ever been aware of the surprising gifts you receive from God?  Some have had that profound moment in life, others will soon realize them...from small to big!

Our Annual Pledge Campaign is kicking off and a member of our Congregation and Stewardship will share her story before the Congregation to help all of us realize just how powerful our Faith and our Church is.

Visit the Stewardship homepage for a quick overview of why this campaign is critical for our Church.

Find the details on this year's Surprising Gifts Campaign here and get a "spoiler" on the powerful story that will be shared and how all our gifts of time, talent and funds are like the Mustard Seed Jesus spoke of.

Please take a few moments to visit our pages and start reflecting on what Surprising Gifts you can Give to God!  Thank you.
Music Series Fall Concert - November 3rd
Let Your Light Shine - Claudia & Bob Hughes
We Welcome "Let Your Light Shine" featuring Claudia & Bob Hughes

Our Music Director, Chris Dabbo, and the Music Committee are proud to present the Fall Music Series on Sunday, November 3rd.

The talented duet "Let Your Light Shine" will begin their performance at 3:00 pm.

If you have seen past performances, you know just how good these shows are.  If you have not, join us next month and bring a few friends!

It's open to anyone, it is free and we only ask for a Goodwill Donation if you feel so inclined.
Music Committee News

Prayers of Loss & Healing

It is with great sadness that the Music Committee and Senior choir have experienced the loss of three wonderful friends of our Music world, this summer.

Dorothy Young, July 17th, a dear friend of our musical programs, and so supportive of our music series.

Donald Smith, August 16th, our Music Director / Organist for 22 years.  Founder of our Music Series and instrumental in our senior choirs' growth and dedication.

Mary "Trudy" Coleman, September 11th, had a beautiful alto voice as she sang in our senior choir for many years. She, also, was a grand supporter of our Music Series.
Now, we have received word that Lillie Cowdrey has suffered a stroke and we are all praying for Lillie's complete recovery.  Lillie sang in our senior choir for many years, offering her beautiful soprano voice.

Our prayers are extended to all of their families for comfort and strength, as we all share fond memories of these very special pillars of our Church's foundation.


Lila Cahill
Music Committee Chairperson
Fundraising: It's Rock-tober!! Two Big Events to Support & Scrips = Easy $$  
sepia_stacked_hands.jpgThe Fundraising Momentum is strong heading into October!  A HUGE thank you to all who volunteered and supported the Church food offerings!

We continue to build upon last year's success with approximately $1,200 of NET fundraising dollars earned!

Keep the momentum, let's make our October events just as meaningful and successful!

Scrips Program Participation
Keep supporting the program as it literally is FREE MONEY for our Church.  With the current budget deficit, our combined efforts will put a serious dent in it!

Unfortunately, the return from our Summer plans has not seen an uptick in the program.  It's not hard once you start and it is amazing how many things you normally purchase that can help CCB.  This recent blog shows you how easy it is and can help you plan.

Harwinton Fair - October 5th and 6th - Volunteers Badly Needed - Read Below on How to Help!
The Fundraising Committee has reserved our space but now need your creative talents.  We need your quality handmade items that you would be interested in donating.

Items could include art work, photography, ceramics, pottery, stained glass, mosaics, knitted or crocheted items, cross-stitched, quilts, afghans, greeting cards, metals, wood crafts, etc.

We will also need volunteers to fill in time blocks for both days, so please check your calendars and sign-up in the Chapel Room or email Sue Laramie what time slots you can fill.

The fair is open Saturday from 8 am until 6 pm and on Sunday from 8 am until 5 pm.

Can & Bottle AND Clothing Drive - October 12th from 8:30 am until 12:00 Noon
You will soon see the signs around town confirming that the rumor is true...The Big Tex is once again going to roll for our quarterly Can & Bottle Drive.

We had a record haul the last time with 19,990 returnables counted for a total of $809.60 earned by all who braved the heat that day!!  Thank you!

In addition, we'll be collecting all the clothing, shoes, belts, purses, linens like last AprilCheck out the new Can & Bottle Drive page for details on what you can donate.

Please, remember to bag them in sturdy bags as the volunteers loading the truck will have an easier time.

Malerbo Field 
The Fall Soccer Session began with their Soccer Jamboree and it was a very successful
opening for us!  Thank you to all the volunteers for making this a successful campaign so far!

If you have not seen the picture of our very own Church Ladies (courtesy of the Burlington First Selectman), you can view it here.

Q: How Do I Know What's Happening?

You can start here for all our Fundraising News & Events, but you will also notice that it's in multiple locations throughout our website.
Frank's Flix Friday, October 11th! 
DATE:  Friday, October 11, 2013
TIME:  7pm

(Freewill donations always accepted)

On her 13th birthday, Marnie learns she's a witch, discovers a secret portal, and is transported to Halloweentown -- a magical place where ghosts and ghouls, witches and werewolves live apart from the human world.

But she soon finds herself battling wicked warlocks, evil curses, and endless surprises.

Rated: TV-PG
Released: October 17, 1998 on the Disney Channel
Length:  1hr. 24min. 
Raise the Roof! Buy a Bundle!!
New Roof Sep'13As those of us locally know, we had the Sanctuary roof, Chapel Room roof and the three Steeple roof decks repaired.

We thank Stevenson Services, LLC out of Bristol, CT for their professionalism and for making it easy for our Church to operate while heavy machinery and dumpsters were on site...they never seemed to get in the way!

So, now it's up to us to "Pay ourselves back" by supporting the "Raise the Roof, Buy a Bundle" program.

Each bundle symbolically represents those used to shingle our roof and, based on the cost of the project, we estimate needing 150 Bundles valued at $200 each.

The goal is to replenish our Building Improvement Fund within 24 months (or sooner!), allowing us to address other pressing building & grounds improvements. Here is how it will work:
  • Choose what Bundle Amount you wish to donate:
    • Full Bundle = $200
    • Half Bundle = $100
    • Quarter Bundle = $50
    • or Any amount that works for you!
  • Make your check out to the Congregational Church of Burlington and please note your Pledge Envelope # (if applicable) and "Raise the Roof" on the memo line.
  • Give a little now and a little later...or a lot!  Whatever works for you as any amount helps us keep this Beacon on the Hill in tip-top shape! 

That's pretty much all you need to do at any time in the upcoming days and months.  We'll have a formal announcement before an October service and visuals to see how we are doing on our progress! 

Steering Committee Update & Pot Luck - October 27th after Service
The Town of Burlington shared their vision for our town center at Tavern Day and the Steering Committee has an exciting update to share.


What better way to see how the hard work of many has forged a solid vision for our town and Church than during a Pot Luck Lunch!!! 


We will all be contributing something for the meal and we are asking that families with last names beginning with:

  • A through K to bring an entree/sandwich/finger food 
  • L through Z to bring a salad or dessert 
Whatever you can bring, that would be wonderful!  Hope to see you all there as this is a very interesting plan and will allow you to ask questions of the folks who have worked hard with the Town and other land owners.
More News of Interest...
Hear ye, Hear Ye...more news!


The Business Committee is happy to announce the following projects are now completed:

  • Water Line Hook-up
  • Men's Room Toilet Replacement - Thank you to Paul Cornish and Bruce Crockett for their hard work and awesome results.  
  • Roof Replacement - This project just concluded and I want to personally thank Tim Higley for managing this project day-to-day.  Also, thanks to Bruce Crockett for fixing the tower lights with the help of Stevenson Services, LLC.

    Finally, thanks to Charlie Bunn for the great recommendation to Stevenson Services.  They were outstanding to work with, professional and cared about the workmanship.

Coming Soon!

  • Wine Tasting - Saturday, November 9th - Look for the Event Invite in your Inbox soon! Save the date, it's always a fun time. 
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September, we hardly knew you!  We kicked off Sunday School, Confirmation Classes, formed a new Youth Group effort, replaced a roof, got a new website and still found time to worship, enjoy our fellowship and do good for others!

Let's keep focusing on the good efforts and the positive results!

I truly have faith we will be able to keep this growing, vibrant Church moving forward...after all, we have at least 40 years of life on that roof!!

I feel so proud to be a member of this Congregation and enjoy serving you all in my capacities because our Church is bucking the trends of today's secular world.  Yes, it's difficult and decisions are tough, but we do it together and that makes our success that much sweeter!

Thanks be to God!


Jerry Burns
Business Committee Chair
Digital Marketing & Management Chair 
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