Maths test
Anne Bate, one of our teaching advisers, recently sent a GCSE maths test to Mukesh Dubey, the head of Project Mala Schools, and suggested that he tested some of our children with it.  Mukesh gave the paper to four classes from class 8 to 10 and they had one hour to complete.

The average mark amongst all classes was 57.38% with three children (two boys and a girl) getting 89%.  One boy Shiv Mangal is from year 9 (a year below GCSE age).  In year 8 (two years below GCSE age), the girls beat the boys with 62.5% against 57.4%.

Below is the paper, which you may like to try.  The answers are contained in the link at the bottom.  I tried the test but gave up part way through.  Anne said she completed it but had one question wrong. 

This is the link to the paper Anne sent which has the answers.
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Robin Garland
Project Mala 
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