Phonics impact on children   
I am very proud of the effect our two UK teaching advisers, Anne and Karen, have had on the teaching at our schools in India.  One of the innovations they have introduced in the last few years has been Phonics.  This is where sounds are taught in a specific order (not alphabetically) and  enables children to begin building words as early as possible.  The programme they introduced for this is Jolly Phonics.

In India, English is part of the curriculum from the first year in primary school.  The short film below shows children from Amoi, Hasra and Turkahan primary schools, which are our poorest areas, who have had just one year of learning English.  Whilst the children are reading English words, they would struggle at this stage to explain the full meaning of them.  However, by the time they reach secondary school, they will become quite fluent and it would be possible
 to hold a conversation with them in English.   See short video below.
English teaching at Project Mala in India
Video of children reading 

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Robin Garland