Children with no fingerprints


Project Mala has always been experimental in style and innovative by nature.  As a result, there are many features included in our schools that will not be found in other schools.  Solar panels recharge the batteries for our computers, we give midday meals, teach life skills, give training in first aid, provide free medical facilities and other items.
The latest experiment is with bio-metric fingerprinting to record
attendance.  We have always kept a register of attendance and lateness but, as our schools compete on these figures, there is an incentive to make them look good.  When this system is installed in all our schools, all attendance times will be more accurate. 


However, every new experiment has its own idiosyncrasies.  With this one, we have two children, Suraj and Ravi Shankar, who strangely have no fingerprints!  To overcome this they have been given a swipe card to register with.  These boys, Suraj, in secondary school, and Ravi Shanker, who is in middle school, are two of our brightest children.
Girls queuing up to record their attendance at Guria


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