Spectacular exam results
"Spectacular" was the word Anne Bate, our Education Trustee, used to describe the results of class 10 in their UP Board exam. All of our 31 children that took the exam passed in the first division with the lowest mark being 73%. Top of the list was Virendra and Mahtab with 87.5% and the highest girl was Reshma who came 5th with 85.5%.

These children have come through our tough selection system and are the brightest of their year. We take in 300 children at primary school level each year, which are scaled down to 120 at middle school and then the final selection of just 30 at our secondary school. 
What is even more pleasing is that we have a good crop of bright children coming up.  In our internal exams at primary level we had six children who obtained 100% in all subjects, five of these are at our Turkahan School.  The sad news for them is that we do not have any spare classrooms at Turkahan, so come next April we will have no room to take on another middle school class.  We are thinking we might try and take the most exceptional students to Guria, but as it is 60 kilometres away we would have to board them. 
The six primary children with 100% are pictured below in front of our Turkahan School.  They are from left to right, Reshma, Deepak, Awadesh, Harsh, Munna Lal and Sachin. If anyone would particularly like to sponsor a bright child, Munna Lal, Awadesh and Deepak are available.  

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