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Indian Ambassador visit to Mala Schools 


It was a proud moment for us when Mrs Meera Shankar, the former Ambassador to USA and Germany, visited our schools.  She found us by asking the Carpet Export Promotion Council for an NGO to visit and they recommended her to Project Mala. 


When child labour was a hot issue in the USA in 2010, Mrs Shankar, as Indian Ambassador, was actively involved.  She has been tireless in trying to combat the misleading accusations about child labour in the carpet industry.
The newspapers recorded the visit, but their editorial said more about Mrs Shankar's husband, Mr Ajay Shankar, who accompanied her on the visit and is Member Secretary of National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council.  If you read Hindi, then you could follow the story in this link.
Press coverage


Below is the Ambassador with Anil (Administrative Officer, Project Mala - blue shirt) on her  right and Mukesh (Headteacher, Project Mala - white shirt) on her left.


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