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January 6, 2013
martinwolf Annual Letter
A Time for Reinvention and Continued Learning

Dear Clients, Partners and Friends,


Looking back at 2013, it was an exciting year for our firm and for the broader IT industry. Most notably, it was a year marked by disruptive innovation and reinvention as market leaders and rising stars made moves that many could not have imagined a year ago.


In our annual letter I've shared my thoughts on five newsworthy items that affect the IT sector in ways that industry leaders should take note. 

Marty Tight

  1. Dell going private as part of the largest tech leveraged buyout deal in history.
  2. CDW's return to the public market.
  3. Microsoft's announcement to buy Nokia's devices and related services business.
  4. IBM standing down on its legal challenge to the CIA for awarding Amazon a $600M cloud services contract.
  5. Chinese technology services provider ChinaSoft's November acquisition of Catapult Systems.

Each of these decisions exemplify new trends moving forward -- trends that established businesses should be prepared to address and embrace.  


It's said that the opportunity of our time is to discard what you think you know and instead learn what you need to learn -- and then execute flawlessly. 


I encourage you to read our Annual Letter by clicking HERE, and as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  


Happy Selling.


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With offices in San Francisco and Bangalore, India, martinwolf is a leading middle market M&A Advisory focused on companies with services-based business models. Since 1997, our team has completed more than 115 transactions in eight countries. We are a five-year member of the Merrill Lynch PS Referral Network, and were selected as ICICI Bank's (India's leading private bank) exclusive strategic partner for acquiring U.S. IT companies. 


The firm is also a presenting sponsor of the Global IT M&A Forum


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