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Register a time slot to officially sign up for our body fat challenge this year. Each participant will receive a DEXA scan (gold standard in body composition) to start off the challenge. At the end of April, each participant will sign up for and receive their second scan. The winner of the competition will be the participant that loses the highest percentage body fat between the two scans!





Current personal training or corporate wellness clients are entered into the competition for FREE.

Non-clients are required to pay for the DEXA scans ($50 each).


Letter From Noah


Every January people want to start over and dedicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle.  Unfortunately, the success rate of sustaining these healthy modifications is not very high.  Most people are gung ho, and make drastic lifestyle modifications that are not realistic or sustainable.


My suggestion is to start slow and progress as you get comfortable with living healthier.  When you understand that you go to the gym and work your butt and burn 500 calories, you don't really want to waste all your hard work and go pound a large pizza and custard!  


I really think setting Goals and posting them all over the place is a good way to get started.  Let's talk about SMART Goals.








I like to make 3 long-term goals with all my clients and then follow that with 3 Plan of Action Goals to help accomplish their Long-Term Goals.



1st Goal Weight Management/Exercise
Lose 15% Body fat in the 4 months of the BigTime Results Challenge

2nd Goal Nutrition
Stay within Calorie Limit

3rd Fun Goal-this can be anything you would feel good about accomplishing
Read the Bible in 1 year

Plan of Action Goals


  1. Be active 6-7 days/week and track it on a Calendar
  2. Use Myfitnesspal to track my calories
  3. Sign up for a Reading Plan on the YouVersion app. 

Now post these goals at Home (kitchen, bathroom mirror), work, in your car.  Basically any place that is visited by you frequently. 


If you have a weight management goal, I think taking before pictures and having them accessible where you can see them yourself on a regular basis.  It's also good to put inspirational quotes in trouble places (kitchen) that could provide motivation and inspire you to be strong! 


If you need encouragement and accountability with your goals utilize the services of our lovely Well coach Alyea Alldredge! I have seen Alyea inspire many clients with her Well coaching and I truly feel a little cognitive motivation works for us all.  You have to believe in yourself to accomplish BigTime Goals!  Hopefully I will get some pro bono services to help make me successful! 


If you are someone that needs a prize we are still accepting people for our Bodyfat Challenge.  Contact me by Jan 9th
to get your DEXA scan.   You do not have to be a client of BigTime Results, to enter the challenge, non-clients just have to pay for the cost of the DEXA scan. 




Noah Alldredge RD ACSM CPT 

Easy, Low-Prep Meal Plan





Fruit Smoothie for Breakfast


cup of skim milk


2 cups of Frozen Mixed Berries


1 Cup of Unflavored Fat-Free Greek Yogurt


1 Banana


2 cups of Spinach




Sandwich made with Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread 4 oz. of a 90% lean Deli Lunchmeat 1 slice of 2% Pre-sliced cheese 1 Tb of Olive Oil mayo


1 Apple




6 oz. of Rotisserie Chicken/or lean protein source (less than 3 grams of fat/oz.)


12oz of non-starchy vegetables (fresh or frozen)


Snacks Ideas


2% cheese stick and 1 cup of berries


1 6oz container of Greek Yogurt (100 cal containers) with 12 almonds


*Make sure to try to drink half your bodyweight in oz. of water per day!*


Whaleness Minute




This is the time of year we all get ambitious. We set goals. We buy new workout clothes, make weekly menus, start budgeting our money, and so on. In other words, we commit to CHANGE. 


Now after reading Noah's article on goal setting, I'm sure you're fired up and ready to go! Well before you head out to break in that new pair of sneakers or see how many steps you can log on your Fitbit-----read on for just a few more minutes. Let's talk change. It can be scary, exciting, discouraging (when we feel like we take one step forward then two steps back) But more than anything, I want it to be lasting for you. The kind I work with my WellCoaching clients to achieve. 


What is your ideal self? Have you imagined it? When was the time in your life that you most resembled this person? Ok so go there for a moment. What were you doing? How did you feel? What did you look like? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to come up with a Vision Statement for your life. All successful businesses have them- it's time you become the most successful version of yourself. And let's take it one step further- pick one of your goals that you are resolving to do this year. Let's say it's to cook more whole foods (one of my goals!) Was there a time in your life you were cooking more? Have you ever felt like you were doing really great at this? What were the elements present that allowed you this success? Maybe it was having the food on hand and preparing it every Sunday or ??? You fill in the blank. 


So by now you know it's gonna take more than a little goal setting and envisioning to achieve this lasting change in your life. Can you think of a time in your life that was the most life changing---good or bad----maybe a child being born or an unfortunate death in your family or even a divorce or breakup.  So the reason these life events are so impactful are because they fully involve our heart. A loss of a loved one can cause us to become a completely different person, inspired by that person we lost, motivated to do better- for them. Think back to when your children, grandchildren, nephews/nieces, etc were babies- was there anything you wouldn't do for them? How much did you change your life for them? Now I'm not saying you'll need a death or a birth to initiate lasting change in your life. But I am saying you're capable of that change. You've done it before, you've felt that power at some point in your life and now we must tap back into that person. 


So do you want this change? I mean like want it with every piece of your being? Well you're gonna need every part of you involved- mind, body and spirit. Maybe you've never had a time in your life when you felt like your ideal self---maybe you've just longed for it. Well I know you've had important things and people in your life to whom you've committed like a job, education, significant other, etc. So now it's time to commit to yourself. Your best self- or at least a better version of yourself. 


Want more help setting goals? Need more accountability? That's where I come in! Let me help you create a Wellness Vision Statement for your life and keep you on track to achieve that vision. Check out my website www.whaledonewellcoaching.com

-Alyea Alldredge, Certified Health and Wellness Coach





Sign Up Now for Your 1st 5K of 2015
The Junior League's 9th annual Charity Run 5K will be 

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 at The Fieldhouse Sportscenter.

This year, they are partnering with 417 Magazine Live Well Fitness Fest and Expo. Proceeds from the race help the projects of the Junior League of Springfield including its signature project, Isabel's House, the Crisis Nursery of the Ozarks. 

Join the fun helping prevent child abuse and neglect in the Ozarks.

Contact Alyea Alldredge, Charity Run 5K Chair:

 314-323-9579 or alyeaalldredge@hotmail.com 



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