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Register a time slot to officially sign up for our body fat challenge this year. Each participant will receive a DEXA scan (gold standard in body composition) to start off the challenge. At the end of April, each participant will sign up for and receive their second scan. The winner of the competition will be the participant that loses the highest percentage body fat between the two scans!





Current personal training or corporate wellness clients are entered into the competition for FREE.

Non-clients are required to pay for the DEXA scans ($50 each).


 Fitness Tracker Buying Guide


If you want to get one of those popular fitness trackers but can't decide which one to choose, this is the article for you.  The fitness bands come is a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes but which devices are the most helpful to your needs?


            Let's start with the Garmin Vivofit ($130). The Vivofit tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep and can also track work out details when paired with a heart-rate monitor (sold separately). If you are looking for battery life the Vivofit battery lasts for over a year and is also waterproof. This device syncs wirelessly with its free iOS or Android app as well as your computer.   


            Next we look at the Nike+FuelBand SE ($150).  The FuelBand SE tracks calories, steps, Nike Fuel points, and sleep.  With its new features it allows you to log different types of workout sessions. Downsides may be that it is only water resistant (not waterproof) and is not compatible with Android devices.  


            Known for its functionality but not it's looks is the BodyMedia Fit Link ($120).  The band is worn on your upper arm throughout the day to track calories burned, exercise intensity, steps taken and sleep.  Using an online weight management system you can keep track of everything you are eating and at the end of the day, upload activity stats to view burned calories versus consumed calories.  The main downside about this device is that after a free six-month membership, a $7 month subscription is required to access the data that the device collects. 

            Another popular tracker you may have heard of is the Jawbone UP24 ($150).  The Jawbone has a battery life of about 7 days before needing to be recharged.  It tracks walking, pace, distance, calories burned and sleep.  This device syncs with other apps like MyFitnessPal and you can check all of your data and make new goals through the app with iOS or Android.  Watch out for the programmed vibrations that remind you to get up and move throughout the day!


The Fitbit Flex ($100) tracks activity level, sleep, calories burned and distance traveled.  Fitbit also makes products that you don't wear around the wrist such as the One or Zip.  Watch out for future Fitbit products that will have heart rate monitoring capabilities.  


-Sarah Vallez, Intern

Letter From Noah

For those of you joining the challenge, prepare yourself for success!  Like I always say "A coach is not successful without a game plan," and you won't be either.


So, if you are serious and really want to have a chance to win this competition, take the steps needed to be successful!  For most of us this requires planning to eat right and time to do extra cardio.  I know I need to have the healthy food accessible to make it convenient for my busy lifestyle and I definitely need the junk food inaccessible.  If contraband is around you will cave and eat it.  Have structure and purpose to what you are doing.  Make your lunch the night before, do your cardio in the morning before you're day gets hectic, and have healthy food ready to make a quick healthy dinner.


When you are having moments of weakness, do something inspirational!  Listen to a song, read your goals, look at your before picture and then look at a picture of your ideal body, or say a prayer.  If it was easy to be healthy 2/3 of our country would not be overweight or obese!  You have to have self-discipline and be able to overcome your weak points and turn them into a positive.


I am looking forward to this challenge so let's all keep each other accountable and motivated! 


Merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of 2014 because 2015 we are incinerating some fat! 


-Noah Alldredge 


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