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Top 10 Ways to Increase Wellness Participation:
So you have created a great wellness program at your workplace and now it's time to implement your plan. No matter how good your program may be, getting people to take that initial leap and join the movement can be quite difficult. Here are some steps you can take to boost your corporate wellness participation:
  1. Communicate every program at least 4 weeks in advance.
  2. Make it fun!
  3. Incorporate Cash Incentives
  4. Share the goals and purpose of the program with the entire company multiple times per year.
  5. Be transparent
  6. Get your leaders involved. Company managers and CEO's should be involved in classes, HRA's, programming, etc.
  7. Share success stories.
  8. Offer all wellness activities on work time. Try to accommodate all shifts. 
  9. Link the wellness program with benefits and insurance discounts.
  10. Be your a cheerleader for your organization!
-Logan Wendt, Director of Corporate Wellness

10 Tips to get You Moving in the Right Direction!


Everyone is motivated to make change at the beginning of the year.  This is the time of the year when you are either unmotivated or need some tips on ways to bust through plateaus!  Below are some tips to incorporate into your lifestyle that will get you moving in the right direction and looking your best for SUMMER!

 1.       High Intensity Interval Training 2x week.  This is when you bring your Heart Rate up to 85-95% of Max Heart for a short period time followed by an active recovery.  An example would be to sprint 100m and then walk 100m (30 seconds of hard exercise followed by 60 seconds of active recovery) repeat 10x.  HIIT cardio has been shown to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate for a much longer period of time post exercise versus traditional cardio, and it is short duration.  Contact us for options on HIIT cardio!
2.       Circuit Training allows you to work your full body in resistance training and create a metabolic effect during the workout!  Great Efficiency!
3.       Reduce your daily calories by 250.  Be careful of Noah's 3 Trouble Foods (Cheese, Crackers, and Nuts).  All foods are ok in moderation but we have problems consuming in moderation!  Apps on your devices like MyFitnesspal, Lose it and LiveStrong can be good tools to track your calories!
4.       Avoid Eating Out!  Restaurants last concern is not your waistline but the food tasting good and you wanting to come back!  For ideas on quick easy nutritious delicious recipes, check out our recipe page on our website!
5.       Avoid drinking your calories!  Liquid calories do not provide any satiety for feeling of fullness. You  want to consume whole food calories.
6.       Establish a Weight Accountability Partner and meet with them once a week!  Set goals and motivate each other to be disciplined, exercise and eat right.
7.       Limit carbohydrates at your last meal (dinner).  We have had great success with clients incorporating this principal.
8.       Limit TV to 5 hours/week!  This is a great time of the year to get out and work in the yard and just enjoy the nice weather!
9.       Make a grocery list!  This will help you be successful to sticking to a healthy eating plan by equipping you with the right resources to cook the right food!
10.   Measure out your servings!  I recommend eating on a 10 inch plate. When consuming food on a 12inch plate, you eat, on average, an additional 33% more calories.  Most of the time it's hard for us to eye ball the correct portion size. A great example I see is when people under estimate the amount of cereal they are eat!
Big Time Results Fit Family of the Year   

Meet Brad Beall. Some might say he's crazy. While others might say he's incredible. I say a little of both. Add adventurous and committed to the list and I think we've got it. 


Brad has run in 3 marathons on 3 different continents in the past 2 months. One of which was an ultramarathon---that's 34.8 miles people! And he's just getting started.  The first marathon was with Noah and I back in February at the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas. Numero Dos happened in ROME!!! and as Brad said, "That was un-FREAKING-believably AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm cold. I'm wet. I'm beat. But I'd do it again in an instant. My deepest apologies for being so obnoxious with the check-ins today, but this marathon was nothing short of a religious experience. If you want to run a marathon, Rome is the place you should do it." Yes, I stole that quote off Facebook. 


                            Brad Beal

On Easter weekend, Brad and his-also incredibly fit and awesome wife- Shelley), traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to run in the Two Ocean's Ultramarathon. A fellow runner there was quoted as saying that Brad was his motivation for getting through that race and that he stayed by him encouraging him. This is exactly the kind of guy Brad is. 


Noah and I have had the privilege to get to know Brad and Shelley and their two adorable kiddos and even Brad's mom! over the past couple years. They are an inspiration to us here at BigTime and have INSPIRED us to start awarding the 1st ever BigTime Results Fit Family of the Year Award! Not to be outdone, Shelley Beall is a total beast in the gym----she has improved every level of her fitness and is the "perfect personal training client." 


Congrats the the Beall's on your commitment to endurance, fitness and setting goals. We look forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you guys!


-Alyea Alldredge, Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Healthy Obesity a Myth   

Mt. Sinai Hospital's website has recently published an article stating:


 "Obesity carries an additional risk of premature death compared to that of normal-weight individuals, regardless of the obese person's cholesterol and sugar levels"


Find out more here!

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