Eggcellent Eggs 

As Easter approaches hopefully we are celebrating its
 significance!  When thinking about food many times Eggs of all sorts come out to play.  Many of these Eggs are loaded with sugar, fat, and covered in our beloved chocolate!  I want to talk about the original Egg; recently studies have come out showing that the cholesterol content of the egg is 14% lower than originally thought and vitamin D content is 64% greater!  Beyond those latest discoveries we have known for a long-time that an egg has the highest biological value of any whole food in regards to protein.  This means your body absorbs more of the protein in the egg than it would with another protein source, like beef.  Eggs are great to have for breakfast but can also provide a good mid-morning or mid afternoon snack as well. They provide a great feeling of fullness combined with a good fiber source. Eggs are a great way to add protein to salads too! You can easily boil eggs and use them for up to 5 days afterwards.  My recommendation is not to go over 1 whole egg per day, but you call always eat more egg whites. 


-Noah Alldredge, RD


Easy Egg Omelette
  • 1 whole egg
  • 3 egg whites
  • 2 oz. ham
  • 1/4 cup of 2% shredded cheese
  • handful of sllced mushrooms
  • handful of chopped peppers and onions
Beat it all together and pour the mixture into an ziplock bag.  Then throw the bag in boiling water for 13 minutes.  Remove, cut open the bag, and you have a perfect omelet to enjoy.  This is great method to do with your family because each person can select what they want in their omelet!  Plus you don't have to worry about breaking your omelet when you try to flip it!  
Logan's Wellness Workshop   
Activities of daily living (ADL) are defined as the actions that an individual performs to complete their daily routine. To support Healthy Weight Loss you should perform ADL's that expend an average of 10,500 calories/week, but in contrast the average obese individual only expends 1,700 calories/week, a whooping difference of 8,800 calories/week!  We walk less and sit around more with each passing year. We are spending less time outside and more time in front of the TV or computer screen. The good news, however, is that increasing your ADL's is rather easy. You can start burning extra calories during you daily routine
TODAY by following these simple tips:
  • Parking: change where you park. Instead of trying to find the closest spot to the door, park on the side furthest from the entrance.
  • Stairs: take them whenever you can. Avoid elevators or escalators and take pride in climbing up those stairs!
  • Drink Water: not only is it healthy for you, but increasing your water intake will make your bathroom trips become more frequent. Try walking to the restroom furthest from your seat for an added bonus!
  • Chores: clean your home regularly and do your own yard work. Chores like this can really boost your ADL count quickly. If you can, try to push mow at least part of your lawn instead of using a riding mower.
  • Active Transit: ride a bike or walk when you can. You will increase your ADL's and get the added benefit of some much needed vitamin D from being out in the sun.
  • Pets: walk or run with your dog. Your pet needs the exercise anyway; you might as well join in!
  • Game Night: instead of playing board games with your family walk outside or play catch. There are a lot of active games you can play with your family, no matter the age range.
  • Lunch: use half of your lunch hour to walk with a co-worker.
  • Mail: deliver your message in person instead of using inter-office email.
  • Track your activity: use a pedometer such as the Fitbit to track your activity throughout the day. Having a goal to meet can help motivate you to take those extra steps.
-Logan Wendt, Director of Corporate Wellness

  BigTime Results and W.H.A.L.E. done! WellCoaching Team Up!


So what exactly IS WellCoaching? Well :-) if you've ever tried to make changes in your life, then you can think of a WellCoach as the accountability and positive reinforcement behind achieving that lasting change in your life. Noah's wife, Alyea, is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and has an April WellCoaching Special going on when you sign up for Personal Training. She will work with you to set goals around 7 areas of Well-Being, including Energy, Nutrition, Exercise, Health, Life Satisfaction, Mental and Emotional Fitness (including Stress Management), and Weight Management. As a WellCoach, she will work with you to explore what you value most and set goals to help you become your best self! Call today to hear more about WellCoaching and free sessions when you sign up for personal training.


-Alyea Alldredge 


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