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March, 2013 
The Roots of Smooth (ROS) Weekly Series  is Good for Radio!
We thought you'd like to know that one of our original programs is doing great work to celebrate and illuminate the work of our jazz artists. 
"The Roots of Smooth"Bobby Jackson
 with Host Bobby Jackson
                                     EVERGREEN EPISODES


This program features a different artist each week, offering listeners more in-depth insight into the careers of some of their favorite musicians. The well- produced episodes include clips of the artists sharing their experiences in their own words, their music as it has spanned their careers, and the music of other artists and genres that influenced their development. Host Bobby Jackson is a multiple award-winning veteran jazz broadcaster, and he does the artists proud.



    royayers JoeSample   groverwashingtonjr        ROS 1 George Duke             ROS 2 Roy Ayers            ROS 3 Joe Sample          ROS 4 Grover Washington   


 ROS 5 Lee Ritenour           ROS 6 Lenny White        ROS 7 Jon Luc Ponty        ROS 8 Bobby McFerrin


ROS 9 Christian McBride    ROS 10 Zachary Breaux  ROS 11 George Benson  ROS 12 Ronny Jordan


 incognito taniamariadavevalentin  jonlucien

  ROS 13 Incognito             ROS 14 Tania Maria      ROS 15 Dave Valentin             ROS 16 Jon Lucien


 ROS 17 Tito Puente       ROS 18 Charles Fambrough    ROS 19 Earl Klugh     ROS 20 Brian Bromberg


   ROS 21 Roberta Flack     ROS 22 Joe Locke     ROS 23 Various Artists        ROS 24 Ron Carter


reginacartermontecroft2 branfordmarsalis walterbeasley   

 ROS 25 Regina Carter          ROS 26 Monte Croft      ROS 27 Branford Marsalis ROS 28 Walter Beasley


     ROS 29 Vinx          ROS 30 Toot Thielemans         ROS 31 Brian Auger     ROS 32 Sammy Figueroa


  ROS 33 Marcus Miller          ROS 34 Noel Pointer         ROS 35 Rob Mounsey       ROS 36 Najee


 nicholaspayton   stanleyjordan2  miribenari     frankmccomb      

 ROS 37 Nicholas Payton  ROS 38 Stanley Jordan    ROS 39 Miri Ben Ari     ROS  40 Frank McComb


 ROS 41 Bill O'Connell  ROS 42 Don Sebesky  ROS 43 Amina Figarova  ROS 44 Gil Scott-Heron


     doricaymmi2 etiennecharles aljarreau  

  ROS 45 Kenny Garrett     ROS 46 Dori Caymmi          ROS 47 Etienne Charles     ROS 48 Al Jarreau


ROS 49 Vanessa Rubin  ROS 50 Venissa Santi    ROS 51 Terence Blanchard  ROS 52 Poncho Sanchez



 .  ROS 53 Ben Williams           ROS 54 Max Roach        ROS 55 Michel Camilo  ROS 56 Joey DeFrancesco


Bobby has been busy, and the work goes on. There is a continuously growing list of artists in cue for upcoming Roots of Smooth Episodes.  The reviews from station Program Directors has been outstanding. Listeners are the beneficiaries!

Public Radio, HBCU Stations and Community Radio Stations are invited to contact us for program samples, or to subscribe to the show weekly.  Stations can also get all of the Evergreen Episodes shown above as MP3 Files.
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 Loretta Rucker  
 Best Regards,
Loretta Rucker
African-American Public Radio Consortium 
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