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August Mission

Dear Valued Patient and Friends: 



As we welcome summer, it's a great time to remember that physical activity keeps your body and brain in healthy motion. This summer, don't forget to:


  • Make plans to enjoy outdoor activities with your family-- from hiking and biking to swimming and soccer.
  • Invest in toys that encourage movement, such as jump ropes, Frisbees, kick balls and kites.
  • Take family walks after mealtimes and before bed.
  • Participate in intramural sports teams and community leisure activities.


From our family to yours-- have a safe, active season!

Kayal Orthopaedic Center Introduces the Knee Replacement That's Custom-Fitted to Your Body

Specializing in partial and total joint surgery, Dr. Robert A. Kayal is proud to be the regional pioneer of yet another cutting-edge advancement in knee replacement surgery: Zimmer® Patient Specific Instrumented (PSI) computer-assisted navigation technology. During this procedure, Dr. Kayal uses Zimmer's® most advanced Persona® knee replacement implants: designed to mimic the remarkable mechanics of the human body. For patients of all ages, PSI is the next generation in high-fidelity knee replacement. This cutting-edge technology allows your new joint to be customized to your anatomy, which speeds rehabilitation and optimizes surgical outcomes.    


PSI begins with painless MRI imaging and pre-operative planning tools that allow Dr. Kayal to create a 3-D model of your knee joint. Accurately depicting the unique properties of your knee, this model becomes a precision tool that guides surgery from bone cutting and joint alignment to pin insertion and custom instrumentation. Essentially, PSI technology allows surgeons to perform a virtual knee replacement in advance of your surgery-- and replace your damaged joint with a new knee designed specifically for your body and lifestyle!


Dr. Kayal performs these progressive knee replacement procedures exclusively at Chilton Hospital. Paired with proven, minimally invasive surgical techniques, Kayal Orthopaedic Center's PSI offers a number of amazing benefits over traditional knee replacement surgery.

 MRI-based knee replacement advantages include:
  • Alignment accuracy: PSI improves knee implant fit and maximizes joint stability.
  • Minimal invasiveness: PSI knee replacement involves less bone cutting than traditional knee replacement surgery.
  • Expedited surgery: Pre-planning helps to reduce time in surgery and can hasten post-surgical recovery.
  • True customization: Just like your favorite suit, your knee joint is tailor-made for you!

If you've been struggling with ongoing knee pain and have been putting off a traditional knee replacement, PSI computer navigation-assisted knee implants may be ideal for you! To learn more about this exciting new surgical procedure, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kayal and his team, contact our Ridgewood or Franklin Lakes offices today. We welcome the opportunity to help you become active this summer-and for years to come!


Warm Regards,


Dr. Robert A. Kayal & the Kayal Orthopaedic Center Team







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