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August Mission

Dear Valued Patient: 


Greetings from Kayal Orthopaedic Center, your New Jersey orthopaedic and podiatric specialists. We hope this issue finds you happy, pain-free and staying active. Keeping physically fit can be tough when you are faced with sports injuries, arthritis, or other minor aches and pains. The Kayal team is proud to offer innovative and minimally invasive solutions to keep your bone, soft tissue, and joint problems at bay.  

Introducing Cutting-Edge Innovation: The Kayal Laser Treatment Center 

Kayal Orthopaedic Center is proud to announce our latest innovation in orthopaedic care, the Kayal Laser Treatment Center. Laser therapy is an effective, non-invasive technique that helps patients accomplishes a number of goals:

  • ENHANCE and EXPEDITE healing.
  • MANAGE chronic pain and inflammation.

The Kayal Laser Treatment Center employs MLS, or multiwave lock system methods to target localized areas of pain, particularly in areas of soft tissue. The laser works by employing two synchronized wavelengths of light that transfer light energy to damaged tissues at the cellular level. That light triggers metabolic reactions at the cellular level that stimulate healing, decrease inflammation, and reduce pain.


MLS is beneficial and highly effective for a wide variety of conditions, including:

During treatment, our elite team of surgeons spends time with each patient to design an individualized laser treatment plan that reduces pain, swelling, and chronic discomfort. Multiple sessions may be required, depending on the severity of your injury-- but most patients report positive results after just a few visits. 


Schedule Your Consultation Today!


If chronic pain is getting you down and traditional treatments have not helped, laser treatments can be a suitable alternative. Call our Franklin Lakes or Ridgewood offices today to speak to a Kayal Laser Treatment Center specialist. We are happy to schedule an appointment with a member of our award-winning orthopaedic team, or to discuss the benefits of laser treatments for your joint or soft tissue condition. 

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