June 1, 2015

Sales Resources for Heartland Siding    

With siding season in full swing, we want you to have every advantage in winning those bids. Below we're sharing a handy checklist of sales resources that spotlight the many advantages of Heartland Siding by ProVia.

All siding is not the same! Use these tools to help homeowners understand the Heartland Difference, and buy from YOU.
Heartland Siding: Beauty
Design Options 
Heartland Siding's wide variety of profiles and textures, decorative siding options and beautiful color palette allows homeowners to express their creativity and make their home the envy of the neighborhood.
Heartland Siding offers a wide variety of design choices.
Design Resources
Having lots of choices can be overwhelming! But we've created tools that make it easy to unleash your creativity. Use the ProVia Designer Collections lookbook to get inspiring idea-starters for complementary color choices among vinyl siding, entry doors and manufactured stone.

For the ultimate sales sizzle, use ProVia's online Visualizer, which allows dealers and homeowners to preview siding choices on sample images, or their own house photos.
Heartland Siding: Durability
Homeowners want to feel secure in knowing that their siding investment will last for years to come. Show them these three confidence-boosters:

1) The Science of Siding: Heartland's Super Polymer formulation fights fading, cracking and thermal expansion and contraction.

2) This article
from the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) offers a three-pronged approach to enhancing consumer satisfaction with vinyl siding products.


3) VSI provides an excellent summary of the benefits of Certified Vinyl Siding here.

Heartland Siding: Value
Lowest Total Installed Cost 
Vinyl siding offers the lowest installed cost of all exterior cladding products, and consistently ranks among the highest return on investment for remodeling projects. (Sources: VSI and R.S. Means 2014 Residential Cost Data.)

VSI Lowest Total Cost
Heartland Siding offers a winning combination of great looks, 
 outstanding performance and affordability.

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 Jerome Zenoby,
 Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone Brand Manager

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