May 4, 2015

Ready to "Show and Sell"?     

For the past year, we've been working on a very exciting project here at Heritage Stone by ProVia, and today I'm pleased to share the news.

Introducing...Terra Cut Stone!

Terra Cut stone is unique in the marketplace. No one but YOU will have the opportunity to "show and sell" the exciting advantages of this stone. 
Terra Cut Stone: Unique in the Marketplace 
Our new "Slate" color is exactly what customers have been asking for.

Why do we say "show and sell?" you might ask. That's because this product has so much design drama, your customers won't be able to take their eyes off it.

The Terra Cut stone collection offers several unique advantages for dealers, remodelers and homeowners:
  • The design combines three distinctly different stone styles - weatherworn, coarse-grained and coral.
  • These three stone styles create attention-getting visual interest, with deep shadowing and variations in texture.
  • The Slate color option is different than typical gray stone on the market. Other grays can tend to be more flat and one-dimensional. Terra Cut's Slate gray is blended with hints of brown, rust and plum shadings, providing a richness in hue more typical of that found in the natural mineral deposits in stone. This also provides great opportunities for complementary color accents in other components of the home's exterior.
Remodelers, architects and homeowners alike will love
Terra Cut for its bold design statement on the home.


Check Out Terra Cut 

Visit the Terra Cut product page on our website. If your website utilizes our iFrame, Terra Cut now automatically appears on your site as well!

Also, check out our updated stone catalog which includes this beautiful new stone collection. To help provide a visual reference, the images below depict actual product and color on a 6'x4' panel.

Terra Cut in Slate
Terra Cut in Russet

Terra Cut in Summit


What do you think of Terra Cut?
Send me an email and let me know! 

 Jerome Zenoby,
 Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone Brand Manager