March 16, 2015

Let It Slide!


In many parts of the country we're finally opening up our homes to let in the fresh air. This is also the time of year when people rediscover the frustrations of squeaky, stuck or skittering patio doors.  


Soon they'll come into your showroom seeking patio door relief. What will you show them? Here are some ideas for wowing customers with ProVia's Prestige Vinyl Patio Doors.  

Prestige™ Vinyl Patio Doors

ProVia's Prestige Vinyl Patio Doors offer many unique features that homeowners love:

Patented Sliding System
Patented Sliding System
features four adjustable 1" wheels per operating panel to ensure smooth, easy and quiet operation.

Vinyl Interior Trim and Exterior Brickmold are available for which provide a clean finished look.

Top-Hung Heavy Duty Aluminum Screen Frame is suspended by ball bearing rollers, reducing binding and allowing for effortless operation. This design also keeps the track clean and clear of any debris.
Internal Blinds

Internal Blinds tilt, raise and lower using the convenient fingertip adjustment slides. Easy to clean - no more dusting blinds!

Energy Efficiency is on homeowners' minds, and 7000/8000 series Prestige Patio Doors are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Lifetime Limited Warranty includes glass breakage and seal failure. This is a very good warranty compared to what's offered by other brands.

Show your customers the Prestige difference.

The unique advantages of Prestige Patio Doors can't be beat. Patio doors the Professional Way! 

 Wanda Angel,
Door and Window Brand Manager