March 3, 2015

Vinyl Siding: Greener Than You Think!    

Fernando Pages Ruiz
Recently Fine Homebuilding magazine published a blog post written by Fernando Pages Ruiz that provides insights that may be handy to share with customers during your siding selling season. More and more, homeowners are looking for "green" products for their homes. Unfortunately there's a stigma attached to vinyl siding, where folks think of it as "plastic" and therefore not green. But according to Fernando, vinyl siding is an excellent green choice, for a variety of reasons. Below are some key points from Fernando's post, "The Counterintuitive Cladding." 

Chemical Finishing Products On-Site
"One description of sustainable cladding involves materials that do not require chemical finishing products to be applied on-site, such as paints and stains, reducing a building's environmental impact over both the short and long term." Vinyl siding does not require this, and remains relatively maintenance free.

Lifecycle Assessment
"Tests using Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEESŪ) software - the green industry gold standard for lifecycle impact assessment - shows vinyl siding outshines most other popular claddings, including fiber cement and brick..."

"Fiber cement, such as Hardie Plank, is among the worst environmental options..."

According to BEES, vinyl siding provides excellent overall environmental performance

Sustainable Aesthetics
There are some communities that are implementing bans on vinyl siding, largely for aesthetic reasons. But this takes away a truly viable green building option that is very cost effective. Truth is, good quality vinyl siding, such as that offered by Heartland Siding, will maintain its good looks for a long time.

Fernando says, "I have seen the results of siding bans at work in low income neighborhoods...the city invests tax dollars in revitalization, misguidedly specifies fiber cement...and five years later the neighborhood looks as bad as the distressed neighborhoods surrounding it. My neighborhoods (using vinyl siding), 20 years later, still look like new." 
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 Jerome Zenoby,
 Heartland Siding & Heritage Stone Brand Manager

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