Time for a Website Audit


Throughout 2014, we have made a significant number of changes to our website, including a complete redesign of our product section for doors, windows, siding and stone.    

As a result of those changes, there may be links on your website that are obsolete and non-working as old content was purged from our site. To ensure your customers are seeing the most current ProVia product information, please verify that any links on your website are pointing to a current ProVia product page and not a 404 Error page.
We also recommend that before the remodeling season gets into full swing, you take the time to do a full website audit to make sure that your site is fully updated and will be an effective sales tool for you this year.
In addition to checking your site for broken or outdated ProVia links, here's a

helpful checklist of other items you should review (provided by our web developer Pilot Fish):

  1. Are your address, email addresses and phone numbers correct?
  2. Is product information, including brands carried and list of services, up-to-date?
  3. Any outdated references to staff members or email addresses?
  4. Do your "contact us" forms go to the right person?
  5. Do all your page links and navigation buttons work?
  6. Is your site map current?  (example)
  7. Does your site look and work well in new browsers and on mobile devices?
  8. Has your site been optimized so it shows up on Google for important keywords?
  9. Is your site linked to the most up-to-date supplier-provided content?


The best way to update any outdated ProVia links on your site is to use the recently announced iFrame. The iFrame enables dealers to embed ProVia product content right on your site. We've designed it to be easy-to-implement and to eliminate the need for updating product data on your site.


Here's an example of one dealer who used our iFrame to embed content from this page of our website onto their site. Dealers can access our iFrame Code Generator by clicking on "Website iFrames" in entryLINK.


We hope these tips help make your website a positive and productive experience for your customers.    

Joe Klink
Director of Corporate Relations