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Next SSO concert: Grand Ballrooms and Opera Houses
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Warm greetings from the Stratford Symphony Orchestra. Con Spirito enables us to carry on a conversation with music lovers in the Stratford community and beyond. Please feel free to send us an email  

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Next SSO concert:  


Grand Ballrooms and Opera Houses

Saturday, Nov. 16

Knox Church  


Conducted by
Nigel Evans 


Strauss (Jr. & Sr.)


Volunteers needed  


The SSO needs volunteers. If you are interested in sitting on a committee, working at any of our concerts or special events, helping with office work, or putting up posters around town, please contact Vicky Sheepers

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Join us this Sunday for a very special SSO fundraising event in the Grand Bend area  






at the spectacular home of Denis Shackel and Mary Lynn Fluter 





David Murray, piano:

Prelude in E minor, Chopin

Nocturne in Eb, Chopin 

Prelude in C# minor, Rachmaninoff


Liesel Deppe, flute, and Michel Allard, piano:

Adagio Nobile, J. Donlon
Pan, J. Donlon
Fantaisie brillante sur "Carmen", F. Borne



Bach to Bach  - Jack Winn, double bass, and violinist TBA: 

Renaissance Masque Dances 

Adsonn's maske

The first witch's dance

The second witch's dance

Johnson's flat maske

Canon, Pachelbel

Suite No. 1, selected movements, Bach 

Sonata #7 for violin and basso continuo, Corelli 

The two-hour concert begins at 2 p.m. this Sunday, October 20. Tickets are $50 (tax receipt for $35) and are available at Fanfare Books in Stratford or by phoning the SSO office (519-271-0990). Refreshments are included.

The Shackel-Fluter home is located in the private community of Oakwood Park in the Grand Bend area.
From Hwy. 21, turn east on Indian Road (north of Main St. E./Hwy. 81 and south of Hwy. 83) to enter Oakwood Park (entrance marked by two large stone pillars) and proceed to Lake Shore Drive. The home is at 9 Lake Shore Drive.  Look for balloons along the way. Visitors will be encouraged to explore the entire home during the afternoon.



About the hosts . . . 

Denis Shackel is a psychologist, management consultant, marathon runner, craftsman, and professor at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. He taught the clarinet for several years and has plans to build a 17th century, double-keyboard harpsichord using slabs of an ancient kauri timber dug from a swamp and carbon-dated at 45,000 years, according to Mr. Shackel. His kitchen has a counter top cut from the same slab.

Mary Lynn Fluter is a professional portrait photographer. She has been recognized around the world for her artistry and creative genius. Her work is not only prominently displayed on all three levels of the home, but will be available for purchase in her downstairs studio.   


Music is a shared passion for Mr. Shackel and Ms. Fluter. Their Chickering grand piano is the kind Glenn Gould preferred to play. 


About the Shackel-Fluter home . . . 

Surrounded by beautiful trees in Grand Bend's Oakwood neighbourhood, the home, built in 2006, has been described as a mix of art gallery, concert hall, cathedral, and above all, a welcoming home.

The home takes shape around an extraordinary sound system which uses exceptional speakers. There are only three pairs of these speakers in North America. Stevie Wonder and Universal Studios are the other two owners. Mr. Shackel's New Zealand roots are seen throughout the home and include a collection of stunning glass artwork as well as a fish-shaped kitchen counter top carved from the kauri timber mentioned above.

SSO's Annual General Meeting Oct. 27

The Stratford Symphony Orchestra's Annual General Meeting will be held Sunday, October 27, at the Falstaff Family Centre, 35 Waterloo Street North, Stratford, beginning at 3 p.m. See attached agenda.


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