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Ukraine's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Yuriy Sergeyev



L-R: Amelia Moore, host/producer, UBC TV, Dr. Uchenna Ekwo, president, Center for Media and Peace Initiatives, and Rudolf Okonkwo of Sahara Reporters share perspectives on transnational journalism

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Ukraine's antisemitism label: fact or fiction? 

 Amid the controversy about the circulation of anti-Semitic pamphlets in eastern Ukraine, the country's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Yuriy Sergeyev has rejected such campaigns suggesting that it was part of Russia's propaganda machine designed to present Ukraine in negative light. Sergeyev spoke at the 3rd Annual Conference on Media and Democratic Governance on "Seeing Through the Spin: Sorting Fact from Fiction in Public Information". Continue Reading...

Richard Brodsky, Senior Fellow at the Wagner School of Public Service at New York University.

How influential are TV Sunday Shows?
Political veterans, congressional aides, former administration officials and longtime journalists all attested to the Sunday shows' decline. The programs are no longer the agenda-setting platforms of days past, they said. Instead, the broadcasts have become a venue for lawmakers to push familiar talking points and for talking heads to exchange conventional wisdom. A POLITICO report provides some insightful analysis. 
George Stephanopoulos, (left), David Gregory (center), and Bob Schiefer (right)




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