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Yet another sad news in News Biz 

 All giant outfits in the news business are taking hits from the digital age. The New York Times sold its Boston Globe for a meager sum, The Washington Post was acquired by Amazon boss, and now The Star Ledger is cutting workers to merge into the digital age. The Christian Science Monitor all but went digital with implications for employment of journalists. So many others are diminishing in strength, circulation, and influence. What's going on?


The Star Ledger Office in New Jersey

As the case of Nigeria makes clear; we must finally end the fraudulent practice of measuring economies by misleading monetary statistics. They are false and not only do not reflect the real economy, but hide the true state of economy. The only true measure of a successful economy is the increase in per ca pita physical wealth as a result of advancing to higher levels of energy-flux-density embodied in the country's infrastructure, especially in energy, water, and rail transportation. Read more...




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