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David P. Michaels

Ethiopia: Graveyard of journalists
Jailed Ethiopian journalist Woubshet celebrated 36th birthday in jail Sunday

The Jurnal
As the sprint is on for 2014, The CMPI  Journal  continues to bring reports and analysis of issues and events that shape lives around the world. In this edition, we bring complex issues that dominate contemporary media and social developments.

Can you think outside the box?  

 Dr. Olga Zbarskaya, a SUNY Certified & New York State Accredited Trainer challenges conventional wisdom and argues
 at The CMPI Dialogue that "thinking outside the box" is a misnomer. READ MORE


Dr. Olga Zbarskaya

AGOA: Changing media narrative of Africa
"Far too often, the challenge of development is told in clich�d stereotypes of inescapable poverty, disease, and conflict - there is no human focus. For too long, the media portrayal of inevitable hardship has persisted. But such notions are not only stale and outdated; they are wrong. Africa is ready, and Africans are making progress" READ MORE. Rrere... 
L- R:  Dr. Msneska Eliatamby VP and Mr. Johnny Mack President Communities Without Boundaries Internationsal, Inc. Middle Mr. Alberto Pavoda Deputy chief NGO's branch UN ECOSOC. And Dr. Patrick Wilson (rtd FDA inspector/AGOA expert)
Dr. Sylvester Okere, Director of Africa Leadership Council, Traditional Chief from Benin Republic, and Dr. Sarah Jubril, Special Adviser on Ethics to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria at the sensitization workshop on Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) in New York




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