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Prof. Tapio Varis

"Post-conflict journalism is critical because the media and budding journalists need support during peace processes"
Ms. Lola Aforo, USL Public Relations Officer

The Jurnal
As the sprint is on for 2014, The CMPI  Journal  continues to bring reports and analysis of issues and events that shape lives around the world. In this edition, we bring complex issues that dominate contemporary media and social developments.

The era of personal-brand journalism


Big media institutions go to great lengths to feed the egos (and pockets) of their growing stars, cultivating their image and reaping the rewards of high traffic. But when that brand becomes too expensive, or so big it threatens to outshine the institution itself, the institution is forced to let it go. Continue reading...

Ezra Klein.
End of Obamascare?
Unlike a team of medical professionals doing what it takes to help the premature baby survive, some of our indefatigable self-serving politicians want to strangle the baby. A question should be what kind of congressmen are these who gloat when an honest effort on the part of government to provide healthcare to millions of uninsured Americans, stumbles coming out of the chute. I cannot make sense of these political shenanigans, says Dr. Osmond Ekwueme. Read more...
Obama at the signing of ACA



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