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Mr. Ernest Opong
Head, CMPI Africa Bureau

"Post-conflict journalism is critical because the media and budding journalists need support during peace processes"
Ms. Lola Aforo, USL Public Relations Officer

The Jurnal
Obviously, the challenges posed to human beings by technology are immense to the extent that technology is gradually replacing humanity. CMPI Journal  reports of a warning bell by a professor of media studies.

Nexus of technology, humanity,& media literacy

Considering the overwhelming influence of technology in the lives of people in the 21st century a professor of media studies and Chair of UNESCO E-Learning, Professor Tapio Varis has warned that "humanity should govern the development of technology instead of technology governing the development of humanity".Read more... 
From the right; The President of ISPON Mr Chris Uwaje The Executive Governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke The Hon. Minister of Communications, Mrs Omobola Johnson Prof.emeritus, Unesco Chair Tapio Varis
Who is a journalist?

The Justice Department secretly obtained records of 20 phone lines AP reporters, including their home phones. A Fox News correspondent was named "a criminal co-conspirator" for, in the words of his boss, "simply doing his job as a reporter." As it becomes more urgent to define journalism profession, Join Society for Professional Journalists and other media professionals including CMPI as they seek contemporary answers to new questions. 


 US suffers setback in UNESCO
Irina Bokova, Unesco's director general

For the first time, the United States voluntarily gave up its vote in an organization it belongs to, this time UNESCO.On Friday, two years after cutting off its financial contribution to the organization over the admission of Palestinians as full members, the country lost its vote thereby limiting her influence around the world. Read more...

Uchenna Ekwo, Ph.D.
Center for Media & Peace Initiatives
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