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Terrorism: Enough!





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By Lawrence Freeman

Daily, Africans face genocide. Across the continent, mothers wake up each morning not knowing if their children would get fed that day or die from lack of nutrition. Read more...

The Jurnal
As the US reopens government and averts a debt default, analysts investigate the costs to the country. Also, in Nigeria, the threat of terrorism continues even as plot to reduce Africa's population is uncovered by the news media. CMPI Journal  provides more insight into views and news of the moment. 
Chilling indeed! Suspected Islamic extremists attack a college in the dead of night in Nigeria gunning down dozens of students as they slept in dormitories. Analyst, Osmond Ekwueme, concerned about the festering threat of terrorism in Africa's most populous country,  writes with passion to condemn the cowardly acts of violence perpetrated on Nigerians by Boko Haram hoodlums who killed the son of his friend. Continue reading...
Terrorist attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria
Who is a journalist?

The Justice Department secretly obtained records of 20 phone lines AP reporters, including their home phones. A Fox News correspondent was named "a criminal co-conspirator" for, in the words of his boss, "simply doing his job as a reporter." As it becomes more urgent to define journalism profession, Join Society for Professional Journalists and other media professionals including CMPI as they seek contemporary answers to new questions. 


Failed 'coup d'�tat'  in US
Thinking of the events, processes, and outcome of the shutdown of the United States government for 16 days, one cannot but view it from the prism of a coup d'�tat that was common in most emerging countries of Africa and Latin America in later parts of the 20th century. Continue reading....

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