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Why the opposition to ACA?


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Will Stevens of US State Department

The Jurnal
As the opposition to the healthcare law mounts, there are lots of misinformation and half-truths surrounding the debate on the relevance or otherwise of the law.gain, In this edition of  CMPI Journal our regular contributor, Dr. Ekwueme provides some informed analysis of the Act.

Healthcare reform: Liberal or Conservative Product?

Democracy doesn't function if the people are fed lies consistently. Even though the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, opponents of the law still call it a bill as if it is yet to become law. As Osmond Ekwueme, a physician argues the law is neither liberal nor conservative in composition because exchange is not a centralized, government-controlled plan. It is a network of choices that are offered at lower cost due to the number of people enrolled. Read more...
President Obama signing the healthcare law in 2010






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L-R: Ms. Joyce Jiao, Chief Strategist Chinese Market (NTDTV), Mr. Ernest Opong, Director Diaspora Strategies and Engagement (CMPI), Dr. Uchenna Ekwo, President CMPI, Mr. Francisco Bozzano-Barnes, Director of International Programs (CMPI), Dr. Samuel Zhou, Vice President NTDTV, Ms. Gloria Zhang, Director of Strategic Alliance (NTDTV)


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