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Musicians and search for peace
When justice does not guarantee peace


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Zoe Gorman

The Jurnal
The search for peace in world's violent zones remains a challenge to many including soldiers, lawyers and journalists. Musicians are using their skills to bring warring factions together in the long festering conflict in Mali, a little known West African Country.  CMPI Journal brings a perspective on using music to advance the cause of peace.

Musicians' search for peace in Mali

When extremists began taking over the north of Mali and proclaimed the jihadist state of "Azawad," the international community thought it could take its time. Media attention to an ongoing security, humanitarian and economic crisis is dissolving as French forces withdraw from the troubled region. As Zoe Gorman points out in her first dispatch to CMPI journal, Musicians are helping to put the Mali conflict on the radar of international discussion. Read more...

Malian forces arrest rebel soldiers 

Amadou and Mariam

 Trayvon: Does justice guarantee peace

George Zimmerman's acquittal in the murder of the unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin is an example of those instances the courts may deliver justice but not peace. Yes, Zimmerman got a non-guilty verdict from the criminal justice system but an overwhelmingly guilty verdict in the court of public opinion, further exacerbating the age-old tension between morality and law. Politics and ideology aside, almost everyone are in unison in condemnation of the murder of Trayvon. In this report Osmond Ekwueme says that many Americans including The President of United States, Barack Obama added their voices to the senseless murder. Read more...

The slain Trayvon Martin


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