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Inchoate development agenda in Africa makes the search for the continent's progress an interesting discussion at different national, regional, and international conferences. The 9th International Conference on Management, Policy, and Development hosted by Consortium for International Management, Policy and Development, University of Namibia, and Polytechnic of Namibia featured an array of speakers. CMPI Journal was there.

State of Africa's Media in Focus

Media Educational Development Initiative for Africa (M.E.D.I.A), a professional development program of the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, (CMPI) New York received a boost Thursday following a tentative agreement with the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) to collaborate in expanding the program in Africa and around the world. Read more...
Clockwise are: Ms. Zoe Titus, Regional Director, Media Institute of Southern Africa, Dr. Uchenna Ekwo of CMPI, Ms. Natasha H. Tibinyane National Director, MISA, Namibia and her counterpart from Botswana, Mr. Buyani Zongwani.

Veteran journalist and founding editor of The Namibian, Ms. Gwen Lister shares thoughts on the state of media practice in Africa

Media in Africa
Media in Africa

 Pillars of Sustainable Development

In what can be described as brain networking between Africans and African-Americans in Windhoek, Namibia intellectual minds from voluntary and involuntary Africans in Diaspora engaged in a search for effective strategies for sustainable development in the continent. With the theme "Pillars of Sustainable Development in Africa", the 9th International Conference on Management, Policy and Development featured wide ranging topics on the quest for Africa's long term development. Read more...

L-R: Dr. Mary Bruce of Governor's State University and CMPI Board Member; Ambassador Wanda L. Nesbitt, United States Ambassador to Namibia; and Dr. Uchenna Ekwo of CMPI at the cocktail reception hosted by the US diplomat in Windhoek.


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