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Toronto Section Member Companies

As of September 2013 the following companies have members in the 
Toronto Section. Support them if you can.

ALS Tribology
Andicor Specialty Chemicals
ArcelorMittal Dofasco
Atlas Copco
Brascorp North America Ltd
Brenntag Canada Inc.
Brichem Sales Ltd.
Case'N Drum Oil LP
Castrol - Wakefield Canada Inc
Chem-Ecol Ltd.
Chemtura Canada
Dept National Defence
Domtar Inc
Eco Fluid Center Ltd.
Eni Agip R&M
Enrol Inc
Filtramax Inc.
Fluid Life Corp
Forsythe Lubrication Associates Ltd.
Fuchs Lubricants Canada Ltd.
General Cable
Glide Oil Technology Inc.
H.L. Blachford Ltd
Howard Marten Fluid Technologies
Husky Injection Molding
Jan Seyler Consulting Inc.
Kinectrics Inc.
KJ Slater and Associates
L.V. Lomas Limited
Litens Automotive
Lubecon Canada Ltd
Lubesource Inc.
Lubrication Engineers of Canada
Lubricon Industries Canada
Lubrizol Canada
NOCO Energy Corporation
NorthStar Gas
Novelis Global Technology Centre
NTN Bearing Corp of Canada
Ontario Power Generation
Petro Laboratories Inc
Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.
Petrosave Integ. Services
RR Canada, Inc.
SDT North America
Sentinel Canada
Shell Canada Products
Shiseikan Canada Ltd.
Shrader Canada Ltd
Snider Mechanical
SurfaTec Laser Solutions
Transit Lubricants Ltd
Troy Corporation
Unipex Solutions Canada Inc.
University of Ontario Institute of Tehcnology
W.S. Bradley Enterprises

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November Tour


This will be Wednesday, Nov 13th to the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa. The museum boasts over 60 cars on display in a 25,000 sq. ft. building that was originally a 1920s car dealership. The  building is maintained to display that period of architecture right down to the original elevator used to move cars to the second floor. Bicycles, tools, musical instruments, radios, televisions, graphics, photos, etc., relating to the periods of the cars are also used throughout the building. 



For additional details please see Note that there is limited parking at the museum itself but there is ample metered on-street parking. Those who wish to do so may park at the back of the museum, but please be advised that this area is unpaved.


The tour will be preceded by a technical talk by Galen Greene with BASF which begins at 10:30am. After the talk and tour we will have lunch at Fazio's restaurant at 33 Simcoe St - a short walk from the museum. Menu:


Since we have to guarantee minimum numbers for the restaurant we will be offering the following package deal: $35 for STLE members and $40 for non-members. Students are $15. Numbers are limited to 25 - so book early! 





Lubricant market trends and the implications of these on lubricant manufacturers and end users



Galen Greene                    

Technical Service Manager - Lubricant Solutions


 BASF - The Chemical Company




Galen Greene is a Technical Service Manager at BASF. He currently resides in New York City. He holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business. His current role involves running technical programs with customers or internal BASF teams. The current focus of his work covers a broad variety of markets, including transportation lubricants such as engine oil and gear oil; as well as industrial lubricants. He previously worked for The Lubrizol Corporation as an automotive lubricant test engineer. He is a member of SAE, ASTM, and STLE. At STLE, he serves as the chairman of one of the yearly education courses.



Registration    10:00            
Talk                  10:30

Museum           11:15

Lunch               12:15


To register contact Solongo Wilson at or call 416  724-3581. 

Please do it now as time is short. 



STLE Toronto Section Education Day 



Location: The Old Mill Toronto. Date Wednesday February 19th, 2014.


TITLE: LUBRICATION: The Basics & Beyond.


  1. 08:00  Start  Meeting  for coffee and donuts
  2. 08:15  Opening remarks
  3. 08:30  "Understanding  the Base oils and Synthetic Base oils"   
  4. 09:15  "Additives and how they all work together and some not" 
  5. 10:00   Morning break
  6. 10:15  "Everything you want to know about Gear oils and Hydraulic Oils but afraid to ask" 
  7. 11:15  "What is a grease and how, where and why does it work" 


Lunch at Noon to 12:45   (45 minutes )


  1. 12:45 "Food Grade Lubricants  and greases"  all the How's and why's      
  2. 1:30  "Engine Oil and Drive Train for Heavy Duty applications"
  3. 2:30   Afternoon break
  4. 2:45   "Conditioning Monitor and Preventative Maintenance"  
  5. 3:40   Further questions and wrap up and diploma's  
  6. Course completed at 4:00 PM    




Before Jan 22, 2014

STLE Member  $375.00  and Non- Member  $475.00


After Jan 22, 2014

STLE Member  $425.00 and Non- Member  $525.00


Student *    $50.00  

*Members laid off and Toronto Section Executive can also pay student fee. The Non-Member registration includes a one year STLE membership with the Toronto Section.


Fees include presenation handouts, lunch and break refreshments.


For more information please contact;

Ted Austin         905 525-7192


Toronto Section Upcoming Events


November 13rd    Tour to Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa plus a speaker. See details earlier in Newsletter.


January 14th        Speaker - Kevan Slater on ISO/Quality Systems


February 11th      Speaker - TBA


February 19th       All Day Education Course: The Basics and Beyond. See details earlier in Newsletter.


March                  Tour of Kinectrics- The Category Leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification for Generation and T& 


April 8th    Dinner Meeting with Speaker Rob Heverly - STLE President



Hamilton Section Meetings


Thursday, November 7, 2013 an Education Day onTroubleshooting Lubrication Systems.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 a dinner presentationon Oil Film Bearing Design/Applications by Matt Marchione, Kingsbury Inc.


These are held at The Scottish Rite, 4 Queen Street South, Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 3R3.


For more info contact: Mike Deckert, Chair, Flo ComponentsLtd., (905) 671-2355 E-mail:


Other STLE

May 18 - 22   STLE 69th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Disney's Contemporary Resort Lake Buena Vista, FL


STLE 2014 Hotel - Reserve your Room Today at the STLE Discounted Price


STLE has reserved room blocks for our guests attending the STLE 2014 Annual Meeting in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Special Discounts rates have been negotiated at the following hotels.


Two options for housing

1. Disney's Contemporary Hotel - $199 per night (STLE2014 Headquarters Hotel)
2. Upgrade to Disney's Grand Floridian - $229 per night


Both the Disney Contemporary Hotel and the Grand Floridian are directly connected to the monorail.


Reservations for STLE 2014 are now being accepted.
Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here for more information about the Disney hotels and to make your reservation. Click here for details on the 2014 STLE Annual Meeting.



FREE Webinar in November - Roller Bearing Stress Analysis

This FREE webinar is sponsored by Napoleon Engineering Services. Please note: There is limited space, so spots are on a first come, first serve basis. If you register after the cut-off, you will be automatically signed up to receive a copy of the recording.


Topic: The Bridge between Inspection & Testing - A Cost Effective Solution to Roller Bearing Stress Analysis


Date/Time: Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 12-1 p.m. CST (note: Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, November 03).


Presenters: Chris Napoleon, President & Chief Engineer and Colby Austin, Inspection & Testing Technical Business Manager, Napoleon Engineering Services


Overview: The opportunities associated with the global supply chain of rolling element bearing has OEM sourcing specialists and design engineers searching for the best practices to evaluate and qualify new bearing suppliers. Historical qualification procedures involving only field testing have given way to the addition of bearing inspection and a variety of lab tests to reduce qualification lead times, acceptance cost and product risk, but there is still an additional step. The incorporation of a basic stress analysis after bearing inspection and before product testing can provide a quick and low cost information to determine the net effect that manufacturing design and quality of workmanship have on contact stress. A basic analysis can be performed without complex modeling allowing the design engineer to determine if further dynamic testing is justifiable. This webinar will review the inspection characteristics needed to conduct a basic stress analysis. We'll then look at raceway and roller contact stress under different operating conditions and determine the influence that design or manufacturing quality have on contact stress. A stress analysis at this step can lead to supplier discussions about improved design and manufacturing quality, offsetting poor performance during dynamic life test validation.


Cost: FREE - Registration is required to join this event


[Click here] for more information
[Click here] to register


Nov. Webinars - Grease Selection for REB and Space Tribology Challenges


Grease Selection for Rolling Element Bearings  Date/Time: Thurs. Nov. 7, 2013, 12-1 p.m. CDT with additional time for Q&A from 1-1:30 p.m. 

Instructor: Dr. Paul Shiller, University of Akron

Overview: Due to their availability and ease of installation and maintenance, ball or roller bearings are widely used in a broad variety of machines and equipment. Consequently, design and maintenance personnel, as well as lubricant suppliers, are often confronted with need for some knowledge of their theory and application. Accordingly, this webinar will review the basic of grease selection from a basic evaluation to determine the best choice in viscosity and thickener to other applications consideration that need to be addressed. The webinar will then discuss some ideas of selecting grease based on current marketing literature. This webinar will cover: Why bearings fail, Why oil?, Oil or Grease?, Choosing an oil viscosity, choosing a base oil, choosing a thickener, other application considerations. And sifting through the marketing information. 

Cost: $39 for members; $59 for non-members

[Click here] for more information
[Click here] to register - Deadline is Monday, Nov. 4


Space Tribology Challenges On-Board the ISS  Date/Time: Thurs. Nov. 14, 2013, 12-1 p.m. CDT with additional time for Q&A from 1-1:30 p.m. 

Instructor: Dr. Christopher DellaCorte, NASA Glenn Research Center

Overview: The International Space Station provide a unique mircrogravity laboratory environment for research. The ISS also serves as an effective platform for the development of technologies and engineered solutions related to living and working in space. The space environment also challenges our capabilities related to lubrication and tribology.


In this webcast, Dr. DellaCorte will review the basics of space mechanism tribology and the challenges of providing good lubrication and long-life in the harsh space environment. He will also discuss recent tribological challenges associated with the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ) bearings and life support hardware that must operate under severe conditions that are literally out of this world. Each tribology challenge is unique and their solutions often result in new technologies that benefit the tribology community everywhere, event back on earth. 

Cost: $39 for members; $59 for non-members

[Click here] for more information
[Click here] to register - Deadline is Monday, Nov. 11


Registration for all remaining webinars for 2013 are now open  * 12/4: Esters  * 12/5: Solvents & Cleaners in Industrial Applications


STLE Toronto Section

Executive List 2013-2014




Phone / Fax/Cell


Greg Forsythe Maderak 

Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905-525-7192

C: 289-808-2267





Past Chair

Lou DiFlavio

Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3

P: 416-724-3588

F: 416-284-4316


Smitty Maderak 


Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905-525-7192

C: 905-730-8758



Ed Milanczak


P: 416 702-3107



Mauricio Galvez

Sea-Land Chemical Canada


P: 289.981.9320


Education Committee



Lorne Brock

Enrol Inc

3-200 Memorial Ave., Suite 281

Orillia, ON L3V 5X6

P; 705 329-3703

Ted Austin

Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905 525-7192

F: 905 525-7024

Henry Sapiano

Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc

2489  North Sheridan Way

Mississauga, ON  L5K 1A8

P: 905 804-4718

Paul Sampson

Lubrizol Canada, Suite 201,

3700 Steeles Ave West

Vaughan, ON  L4L 8K8

 P: 905 264-4648

 F: 905 264-4654

 C: 647 504-8910


Ken Brown

Eco Fluid Center Ltd.

58 Garnock Avenue

Toronto, ON  M5K 1M2

P: 416 466-3144

F: 416 466-3807


James Szeto

Petro Laboratories

1295 Matheson Blvd East

Mississauga, ON  L4W 1R1

P: 905 361-2388

F: 905 361-2411


Jim Arner

Retired Chevron Lubricants Canada 

P: 647 529-1352


Outreach Programs

Lou DiFlavio

Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3

P: 416-724-3588

F: 416-284-4316


Solongo Wilson

Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3


F: 416-284-4316

Student Affairs

George Staniewski

Ontario Power Generation   889 Brock Road

Pickering, ON  L1W 3J2

P: 905 839-6746 x4278


Beshad Sabah

BP Canada

P: 416-300-0704