Upcoming Events
Sept. 11th, 2013
Golf Tournament - Ballantrae, 1 The Master's South, Stouffville, ON L4A 1M2 

Ted Austin - taustin@forsythe.on.ca - 905-878-4404


Ed Milanczak emilan@cogeco.ca - 905-829-0449

Sept. 8th-13th, 2013
2013 World Tribology Congress ,Torino, Italy 
Oct.8th, 2013
Dinner Meeting - Inga Kuksis from Suncor to Speak on Wind Turbines and Lubricants. - Old Mill, Toronto. 
November 2013 

Tour of ArcelorMIttal Dofasco Hotmill - Date to be announced


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Exciting News in 2013



Hello and welcome to the 2013-2014 Toronto STLE section!


My name is Greg Forsythe-Maderak and I will be the Chair for this year.

Just to give you a quick background on where I come from, I am 5th generation family member in Forsythe Lubrication out of Hamilton, Ontario and currently the Sales Manager. I have been involved with STLE for only 3 years, but my family dates back to my great-grandfather, Robert E. Forsythe, starting the first Ontario STLE Chapter.


Over the summer I have been working on improvements to our website and newsletters. I want to make it is easier for all STLE members to find out what's happening in the current month and try and boost our participation and enthusiasm. The website will still have all the relevant information, but with a new easier to use face lift.  We are also creating accounts for the Toronto STLE section with social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to reach out to new potential members.


There is a rough schedule for this year posted in the newsletter and things are looking pretty exciting. I am trying to change up our usual routine of Tuesday nights at the Old Mill because attendance seems to be lacking. In September we are kicking off the season with golf, we have 2 tours booked that include Dofasco and Kinectrics, our education course, and some great topics being presented by some of the leaders in the industry.


The Toronto Section STLE Executive is continuously trying to improve the overall experience for all member and sponsors. At our meetings there are always new ideas being thrown around and discussed. If anyone ever has questions, concerns, improvement ideas, requests, or constructive criticism, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Please keep in mind participation from sponsors and members is very important to keeping this society on its feet and moving forward. I will do my best in this upcoming year and in the future to keep things informative, fresh, and exciting. 





Toronto Section Member awarded P.M. KU Meritorious Award

The Ku Award is given to the STLE Member who most typifies the dedicated spirit of P.M. Ku who worked tirelessly for the benefits of the Society.

At the 2013 Annual Meeting in Detroit this was awarded to George Staniewski. George is a 31-year STLE member who has held 17 national committee assignments. He holds STLE's Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) and Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) designations. In 1991 he chaired STLE Toronto Section, the year the section won the society's Outstanding Large Section Award. He was a contributor to the 2012 Tribology and Lubrication Handbook Volume II - Second Ed. and founded the society's Power Generation Technical Committee Website forum.


The photo shows the STLE President, Mr Jerry Byers, Cimcool Fluid Technologies on the left and Dr. George Staniewski on the right.


Toronto Section Members


Beshad Sabah: Beshad did a great job in University Affairs for the Toronto Section but who had been working in the Montreal area is back. He is now a sales and service representative covering Canada for Castrol Metal working products. 


We welcome Beshad back and wish him well in his new job. We also look forward to his participation again with the Toronto Section. 


phone: 416-300-0704

e-mail: behshad.sabah@bp.com


Jim Arner:  Jim retired from Chevron Lubricants Canada on August 2nd, 2013 after 34 years in the lubricants business.  He started as a chemist and progressed in his career to become a technical specialist with strong problem solving and presentation skills.  He started working for Texaco Canada Inc. and then through various mergers and acquisitions he worked for 4 major oil companies, moved offices 13 times, held umpteen positions over the years, and not once ever moved his family.  Jim is active in the local Toronto STLE Section where he currently is the Sponsorship Chair.  In the past he was the Membership Chair, Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Toronto section, and Chair of the Directory we published for many years.  He is currently a Director on the International Board of the STLE, and is a past chair of the STLE Oil Monitoring Analysis Certification Committee.  While retired from Chevron, he still has oil and grease under his fingernails, and so he will continue to support our society, and help mentor our new members.


phone: 647-529-1352

e-mail: arnerjha@gmail.com



UOIT Human Powered Vehicle

The Toronto Section is a sponsor of the student activities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. See http://www.uoit.ca/.  





Toronto Section Tours


There will be two tours this year. The Fall one will be to the ArcelorMittal Dofasco hotmill in Hamilton. Details to follow in October but it will be limited to 20-25 people and a lunch will be provided.  The cost and it to be determined and the lunch speaker will be Rick Schrama. For info on the tour site see http://www.dofasco.ca/bins/content_page.asp?cid=502-506-512. The STLE Contact for info and registration is Solongo Wilson, Tours Co-chair at solongo.wilson@chemtura.com.


The tour in the spring is planned for the Kinectrics Laboratories on Kipling Avenue in Toronto. See http://www.kinectrics.com/pages/home.aspx 



Tribology and Lubrication Global Challenges: 2013-2016  

STLE report looks at six areas that will change your business.


This month's TLT Headquarter Report looks at the environmental factors impacting the tribology and lubrication business sector. Two factors topped the list of concerns:

* Global Economic Uncertainty
* Pressure to maintain or expand profit margins

This new 20-page report examines the forces likely to influence markets and business practices in the tribology and lubricants sector during the next three years. Readers will gain insights into global trends in the six areas of business and economics, government, supply chains, finance, workforces and culture. This is a joint project by STLE and Association Laboratory Inc. (ALI), a Chicago based consultancy. It combines information from a recent STLE membership needs study (also conducted by ALI) with a comprehensive research project involving business leaders from 54 different industries and professions.

Read an excerpt
Order PDF version of full report


Help Celebrate TLT's 10-year Anniversary!

In October TLT magazine is celebrating a landmark achievement - our 10th year of publication! That milestone means that 120 issues of the industry's premier technical magazine will have been published and circulated to more than 13,000 lubrication professionals each month. That's 8,412 pages filled with more than six million words informing our readers-your customers-about the latest innovations, research, products and services impacting the lubricants marketplace!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, STLE and TLT are producing a special 10th Anniversary Insert for the October issue that we'd like you to be part of. Included will be columns, photos, special reflections, a tribute to advertisers and much more - all about the magazine that remains the industry's No. 1 technical authority.


Please consider these fun facts: 

  • More than 200 companies generating more than 4,000 pages of ads have made TLT part of their annual marketing and sales strategies.
  • 80% of STLE readers authorize purchases, evaluate products and recommend vendors.
  • The top three TLT readership categories are lubricant manufacturers, additive manufacturers and suppliers and end-users of lubricants.
  • TLT is read in more than 70 countries; is archived and carried in dozens of institutional libraries.
  • TLT consistently rates as STLE's No. 1 member service!

Show Your Customers You Support TLT! Your company can join the long list of loyal advertisers demonstrating their support and congratulations, by placing a low-cost ($300 net) congratulatory advertisement in the anniversary Issue.


Click here for a mock-up showing sample messages of support gleaned from actual reader/advertiser comments over the years (of course, you'll craft your own 20-word message). Note that your company logo takes center stage!

Added bonus: The October 2013 issue of TLT will enjoy expanded circulation at ILMA!

The space deadline for October is Aug. 27; artwork is due by Sept. 3
Come on-join the celebration! Contact me today at 630-922-3459 or tnicholas@stle.org  


2014 Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Site Now Open  

Showcase your research in front of your colleagues and peers at STLE2014

Authors wishing to submit an abstract of their research for presentation at the 2014 STLE Meeting should click the following link,http://stle2014.abstractcentral.com. You will need to create an account and submit an abstract for review. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 1, 2013.


Many Paper Solicitation Chairs (PSC) will be preparing "Call for Abstracts" for the STLE website to highlight specific abstracts topics that the committee is soliciting. Check the link below periodically to see if a "Call" has been issued in your specific area of interest. https://www.stle.org/events/annual/callforpapers.aspx 


Free Membership Webinars

Don't forget that you have access to webinars that can help you take full advantage of your membership - including the just recorded New Member Orientation webinar. Other webinars we have in the archive include:

* Finding Technical Information Quickly & Easily | Slides

* Getting the Most Out of STLE's Annual Meeting | Slides  

* Finding, Accessing and Utilizing STLE's Online Education | Slides  

* Connecting with STLE via Social Media   

* Navigating the Ins & Outs of STLE's Certification Programs | Slides


[Click here] to watch/download the New Member Orientation recording
[Click here] to get the slides



We look forward to another great year with the Toronto Section of STLE. If you have any suggestions or would like to see anything specific in our monthly newsletters, please don't hesitate to contact Ken Brown, Eco Fluid Center Ltd, at 416-466-3144 or via email at kenbrown@fluidcenter.com.




STLE - Toronto Section

Publicity Chair




STLE Toronto Section

Executive List 2013-2014




Phone / Fax/Cell


Greg Forsythe Maderak


Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905-525-7192

C: 289-808-2267





Past Chair

Lou DiFlavio


Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3

P: 416-724-3588

F: 416-284-4316


Smitty Maderak



Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905-525-7192

C: 905-730-8758



Ed Milanczak



P: 416 702-3107



Maurizio Galvez


Sea-Land Chemical Canada


P: 289.981.9320


Education Committee



Lorne Brock


Enrol Inc

3-200 Memorial Ave., Suite 281

Orillia, ON L3V 5X6

P; 705 329-3703

Ted Austin


Forsythe Lubrication Association

120 Chatham Street

Hamilton, ON  L8P 2B5

P: 905 525-7192

F: 905 525-7024

Henry Sapiano


Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc

2489  North Sheridan Way

Mississauga, ON  L5K 1A8

P: 905 804-4718

Paul Sampson


Lubrizol Canada, Suite 201,

3700 Steeles Ave West

Vaughan, ON  L4L 8K8

 P: 905 264-4648

 F: 905 264-4654

 C: 647 504-8910


Ken Brown


Eco Fluid Center Ltd.

58 Garnock Avenue

Toronto, ON  M5K 1M2

P: 416 466-3144

F: 416 466-3807


James Szeto


Petro Laboratories

1295 Matheson Blvd East

Mississauga, ON  L4W 1R1

P: 905 361-2388

F: 905 361-2411


Jim Arner


Retired Chevron Lubricants Canada 

P: 647 529-1352


Outreach Programs

Lou DiFlavio


Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3

P: 416-724-3588

F: 416-284-4316


Solongo Wilson


Chemtura Canada Co

565 Coronation Drive

West Hill, ON  M1E 2K3

P: 416-724-3851

F: 416-284-4316

Student Affairs

George Staniewski


Ontario Power Generation   889 Brock Road

Pickering, ON  L1W 3J2

P: 905 839-6746 x4278


Beshad Sabah


BP Canada

P: 416-300-0704