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John E. Upledger, DO, OMM




Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), PT



Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), PT 

Alain Croibier, DO, MRO(F) 




Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F), PT 

Alain Croibier, DO, MRO(F)  


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Bruno Chikly, MD, DO



Bruno Chikly, MD, DO



Alaya Chikly, LMT

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Kerry D'Ambrogio, 


Kerry D'Ambrogio,


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Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CMT, CST-D



Ann Harmon, DO



Judith (Walker) DeLany, LMT



Aminah Raheem, PhD 



Clo S. Couturier, LMT, CO, CST-D, MQM



Fritz Smith, MD 



Bruce Schonfeld,
Certified Advanced Rolfer, NCBTMB 



Rebecca M. Ridge, PhD, TEP, LMT, CST-D   


Chas Perry, PhD, CST-D 



Paul Chauffour, DO, French Osteophath



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Searchable Article Database

For articles and research information pertaining to the modalities that we offer, an article database is now available that can be searched using various criteria. 

We strive to make our searchable database as comprehensive as possible. If you know of an article that is not included on this list, please e-mail us with the article information. 

by Lisa Skedung, Martin Arvidsson
Jun Young Chung, Christopher M. Stafford Birgitta Berglund and Mark W. Rutland 

by Christine S. Martin, PT, MS, SCS  

and Eileen V. Johnson, PT, DPT



Featured Products

Understanding the Messages of Your Joints  
by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MRO(F)

Jean-Pierre Barral's latest book and companion to
Understanding Messages of Your Body. Jean Pierre offers a candid, detailed examination of the body's joints and causes of pain.  Each joint is reviewed in terms of its function and the problems that tend to affect it, including discussion of their causes and ramifications for our physical and mental equilibrium. If you look after your joints, your mind will follow. Similarly, by treating an emotional problem, you can improve joint health.
240 pages. $18.95 each 

Cutting Edge Therapies
for Autism   
by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons  

This newly released book includes a chapter written by Tami Goldstein, an affiliate of the Upledger Institute International. Read the latest in autism research and treatment written in easy-to-understand language. $24.95 each 

Discover TBB Brochures  
This helpful brochure explains the value of Total Body Balancing  in terms your clients can understand. It's an effective way to boost your business through consumer education and care.
Sold in sets of 100, each
one includes space for
your name and contact information. $30.00


Soul Return 
by Aminah Raheem, PhD

This book explores
the topic of Trans-personal Integration,
a therapeutic practice that synthesizes psychology and spirituality with the body's energy system. Aminah Raheem, originator of this holistic approach, recognizes and respects the development of the physical, emotional and mental states, and feels that "divine inner guidance is provided by the soul." She presents an integrative model as well as some of the therapeutic applications that form the foundation for this system. 
214 pages.

Regularly $14.95 
Save 25% 
Promo code - ENI0514 
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 Autism Survey -  
How Upledger CST Affects the Symptoms of Autism  

Upledger Institute Alumni survey
participants needed.


Upledger's CranioSacral Therapy Team at Special Therapies, Inc. of Waukesha, Wisconsin is sponsoring this extremely important survey designed to explore how Upledger CST affects the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders.  


The survey team is seeking survey participants (3 separate surveys):



Upledger Institute alumnae:

 - qualified to provide at least the 10 step Protocol 
   of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy

 - have worked with at least one client with Autism
   Spectrum Disorder


Parents of clients who have sought Upledger CST for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have received Upledger CST


The survey takes less than 5 minutes of your time.  


If you or someone you know, meets the above criteria:  

Please go to this website to complete your respective survey. http://www.specialtherapies.com


If you have trouble accessing the surveys, please contact  

Sue at [email protected] or 262-347-2222.

Treatment Q & A
Answers provided by  
Tad Wanveer, LMT, CST-D

You recently asked about...
Cerebral Hypertension

Would it be a contraindication to treat with CST/perform a Still Point Induction on someone who has Cerebral Hypertension (produces too much Cerebral Spinal fluid)?

Intracranial Hypertension has numerous causes, such as:a blockage of, or excessive production of, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) within the ventricles; brain tumor; brain infection; or brain blood vessel abnormalities. A condition called Idiopathic Intracanial Hypertension is due to unknown reasons.


The condition you have described is called "Hydrocephalus." If the client's hydrocephalus is not controlled by a shunt (a little tube placed in the ventricles to drain CSF in order to control CSF pressure), or if the shunt is not working properly, then CranioSacral Therapy is contraindicated. 

BTD - Back by Popular Demand


Mark your calendars - April 22-25, 2014 is the
30th anniversary of the captivating 
International Upledger Research conference.

Pearls, the traditional anniversary gift for 30th anniversaries, led us to this year's theme Pearls of Wisdom. To honor the late Dr. John E. Upledger, the developer of CranioSacral Therapy and to share all the Pearls of Wisdom related to the CranioSacral curriculum, this year's Beyond the Dura conference will have a CranioSacral theme. 


Please join us!  

Register by July 1st to get this very special discount. 
Use Promo code BTD15ADV


Structural-Visceral Approaches  
for the Low Back, Pelvis and Abdomen (SVLB)     

May, 2014 ~ Los Angeles, CA

Instructor Bruce Schonfeld, Advanced Rolfer  

 Click to view larger.

CranioSacral Therapy 1 & 2  

(CS1 & CS2)    

May, 2014 ~ Anchorage, AK 

Instructors Karen Axelrod, CMT, CST-D (CS1)
and Tim Hutton, PhD, LMP, CST-D (CS2)  


Upcoming Conventions &  
Speaking Engagements

Rosemont, IL * May 21-25, 2014
Conference Speaker: Tami Goldstein, WLMT, NCTMB, CST CranioSacral Therapy and Autism"

Orlando, FL * June 26-29, 2014
Conference Presenters:
Arlene Garcia, RMT, LLCC, LTC;
Mariann Sisco, PT, CST-D; Jack Ryan, LMT and
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, CMT, CST-D

Denver, CO * September 17 - 20, 2014

Appleton, WI * October 10-11, 2014

Conference Speakers:  

Tami Goldstein, WLMT, NCTMB, CST 

and Michael Morgan, LMT, CST-D

"CST as it related to Autism and Longevity"

Newly Certified Teachers
VM2 Certified Teacher:

Nabil Lahlouh Gonzales, PT, CVMP

Toledo, Spain


ADV1 Teacher: 

Gusti Axelsson, MT, CST-D

Soroe, Denmark 

Important Surveys for You!


Occasionally The Upledger Institute International sends out surveys to:
  1. Gather data for clinical research studies
  2. Find out what you are most interested in regarding current and future products/seminars. 
If you do not wish to receive such surveys, please email [email protected] and in the subject line include - "Opt out of Surveys". Thank you.

* Surveys currently distributed through Survey Monkey

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