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April 2013


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In the News

What are the Keys to Analytical Success?  Wayne Eckerson, a valued friend of StatSlice management, is a great voice for the BI community.  He recently wrote a book about analytics leaders.  This article contain some excerpts from his latest book.


IDC Prediction for 2013.  The year is nearly a third behind us.  A few months ago IDC published some interesting and brief thoughts for 2013.  How are these panning out at your organization so far this year?  Click here to read their summary.


I guess since we published some Gartner thoughts for 2013 last issues, and we mention IDC's above, let's also throw in Forrester's Top 10 Prediction for BI in 2013 and Beyond.  Again, with the notion of 33% of the year gone by, how are things looking at your orgaization?  Click here to read their musings.


Tableau Software recently released Tableau 8, touting over 90 new features and a beta test of over 4,000 customers.  Click here to read the announcement release from Tableau Software.


Recently Published Articles from Our Team
Bernard Wehbe, Managing Partner

Developing a Business Analytics Roadmap: A Guide to Assessing Your Organization and Building a Roadmap to Analytics Success.  Click here to download this outstanding, complimentary white paper.


Bernard Wehbe, one of the co-founders of StatSlice, has over twelve years of consulting experience focused on data warehousing and business intelligence.  His experience include data warehousing architecture, OLAP, data modeling, ETL, reporting, business analysis, team leadership, and project management.


Steven Crofts, Director of Marketing

A Fool with a Tool is Still a Fool.  Click here to read the full article.


Survey Results: Seven Strategic BI Mistakes.  Click here to read this popular article.


Steven Crofts, Director of Marketing at StatSlice, and former president of The Data Warehousing Institute, recently published several articles based on research and discussions with various LinkedIn Groups.

Ask the Experts
Hi Tableau experts. I wish to know the possiblity of Offline analysis in Tableau. Second question: are there alerts in Tableau?  Is that enabled with Apple push notifications as in Microstrategy?

Jim Vogel  Response: Jim Vogel, Senior Consultant, StatSlice Systems


Offline analysis is extremely simple in Tableau. While online you can connect to a data source and extract the data. It's as simple as right clicking and creating extracts. You can even package the data up into packaged work (save as and change the type to packaged workbook) which can be emailed to a different computer/user. The next time you are online you can choose to refresh the extract very quickly as well.

The story is a little different for iPad/iPhone slicing and dicing. These require a live connection to Tableau server. As of right now, Tableau doesn't offer an offline mode for its mobile platform but I always see lots of requests for it in the forums. I suspect they will offer it in the future!

Although you can set up alerts from Tableau server from predefined business rules, I would suggest using a different technology (possibly just a SQL Server stored procedure?) to send an email/SMS with a link to a Tableau dashboard pointing out the issue. You can even embed parameters for a Tableau dashboard into the link that was sent out so the dashboard/view opens up to the data you are alerted about.

Heard Around the Water Cooler
So, what's new in Tableau 8?

A few weeks ago our team attended the Tableau 8 Roadshow here in Dallas. The crowd was large and enthusiastic. The presenter, Ted Wasserman (a Tableau Product Manager), summarized the major changes for this release. He cleverly asked for applause when he discussed new features that were of most interest to the crowd. Below is a very brief summary of the crowd's most positive responses.


JavaScript API. A big applause for this one-Tableau can now be embedded in Web sites and corporate applications, and portals.


New Data Connectors. You can now easily connect to Google Analytics and data sources.

Browser Editing. A very enthusiastic response was given to the new ability to author visualizations right in the Web browser.


Data Blending. Data blending improvements make it easier to use blended data in your analysis because you no longer need the linked field in the view.


Performance. Tableau is touting a much improved product speed and performance, including filtering, highlighting, and other work that can now be done locally in the browser, without waiting for a round trip back to Tableau Server.


Mobile Desktops. The extension of this capability to native apps for iOS and Android and on the Safari browser on the iPad means that the ad hoc analysis previously limited to the desktop can now be performed on devices too.


New View Types. Tableau 8 includes treemaps, bubble charts and word clouds. While these views are not for everyone, they let you fit a lot of data in a small space and provide instant insight. In some organizations, these are familiar view types. In addition there is a new forecasting extrapolation visualization.


Freeform Dashboards. You can now overlap zones on a dashboard. This allows users to produce a new aesthetic in dashboards by putting legends and filters in the view.


Depth with Ease. Tableau 8 comes with the new sets and groups features. Sets are improved and allow the combination of sets as well as easier editing of sets. Grouping now allows "painting in the view," or easy visual selection and grouping with a click.


The StatSlice Team

Upcoming Events
  StatSlice Partners and Consultants will be participating in these upcoming events.
April 30, DataVersity Enterprise World Conference in San Diego, Californiia.  Bernard Wehbe, StatSlice Co-Founder and Managing Partner, will be presenting: Get Real About Analytics--Overlooked Principles that Can Make you a Rock Star in Your Organization.
May 13, QlikView Technology Summit, Dallas, TX at the Westin Galleria, 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  To register for the Dallas event, click here.  We hope to see you there.  We will have a presentation area to give demonstrations and talk to you about your QlikView implementation needs.
May 21, 11:00 am CDT, a StatSlice Business Data Toolkit Webinar:  Simple Analysis Using Tableau 8's New Connector for Google Analytics.  Click here to register.

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