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March 2013


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In the News

Gartner's Top 10 Technology Trends for 2013.  Big Data features prominently as well as Actionable Analytics and In-Memory Computing.  Click here for the full article.


Gartner's Top Trends Impacting Information Infrastructure 2013.  Again, Big Data is #1.  Also of interest: Logical Data Warehouse, NoSQL Databases, Chief Data Officer Role, Informaton Stewardship, Infonomics and a very interesting new entry: Semantic Technologies.  Click here for the full article. Skill Set Top Priorities for 2013.  Data Analysts and Analytics professionals make it to the top 5 for the first time ever, coming in at #4 for 2013.  Click here for the full report.

Recently Published Articles from Our Team
Bernard Wehbe, Managing Partner

Bernard Wehbe, one of the co-founders of StatSlice, has over twelve years of consulting experience focused on data warehousing and business intelligence. His experience includes data warehousing architecture, OLAP, data modeling, ETL, reporting, business analysis, team leadership, and project management. 


Bernard recently wrote an article entitled "Eight Principles That Can Make You and Analytics Rock Star."  It was published in The Data Warehousing Institute's BI This Week newsletter.  To read the popular article, click here.

Fred Zimmerman, Data Architect

Fred Zimmerman, a Data Architect at StatSlice Systems, is a veteran of data warehouse, business intelligence and database solutions with over 17 years experience at Fortune 500 companies.  Fred is an expert at integrating new ideas with industry best practices.


He recently wrote an article, soon to be published in Enterprise Executive, entitled "Bringing Big Data into the Enterprise."  Click here to view Fred's complete article.

Ask the Experts
Has anyone developed/used an external budgeting application that runs on QlikView?  (Source: Qlikview LinkedIn Group)

Jared Decker headshotResponse: Jared Decker, Managing Partner, StatSlice Systems


Have you considered using QlikView's out-of-the-box capabilities to build your budgeting app? Depending on how complex your budgeting/planning process is, the custom route can be a good alternative. Since QlikView comes bundled with a GUI/visualization layer, storage layer, and data integration/ETL layer, it can be configured to provide the necessary functionality (i.e. user inputs, what-if, currency conversions, consolidations, model output, security, etc). The output can be dealt with using macros (or user exports to Excel and loads to shared drive etc). At one client, we built a compensation planning app in QlikView for the HR department and it continues to work well after several years, with no external code required to meet their requirements. Depending on the degree of automation and functionality, macros or other code might be needed. I'll be posting a blog article soon on best practices for building budgeting apps with QlikView and will follow-up here with a link.

As far as add-ins for QlikView, I haven't worked with KliqPlan but I took a look at some documentation and it seems to provide good functionality, especially on the user input side, and also includes server commits via a web service.

Heard Around the Water Cooler
What do you mean we don't have that data in our data warehouse?

Every Friday I meet with the key BI stakeholders for one my clients. In those meetings we discuss current issues, questions and concerns within the BI team. We also explore any new issues that someone has discovered and talk about new requests that might help meet business objectives.


Last week the group received a new request that became a cause for concern when they realized the new request would require data that was not yet available in the new data warehouse.


Click here to see the full article by Brett Neuman, Manager Consultant at StatSlice Systems.


Upcoming Events
  StatSlice Partners and Consultants will be participating in these upcoming events.
April 4, InnoTech Dallas Conference at the Irving Convention Center.  Justin Taylor, a StatSlice Manager Consultant will be presenting:  Car 54: Where In the Cloud Are You?.  Come see us at Booth 422.
April 4, Tableau 8 Roadshow, location TBA.
April 18, 11:00 am CDT, Webinar: Smart Data Designs: Budgeting and Planning with QlikView by Jared Decker, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, StatSlice Systems.
April 30, DataVersity Enterprise World Conference in San Diego, Californiia.  Bernard Wehbe, StatSlice Co-Founder and Managing Partner, will be presenting: Get Real About Analytics--Overlooked Principles that Can Make you a Rock Star in Your Organization.

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