MAY 2015

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We're ending May as Preeclampsia Awareness Month with a $50 Challenge Week! The first 100 donors who make $50 donations this week will get their names featured on the Promise Walk blog.

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10 completely misleading preeclampsia myths
  • Does bedrest delay the onset of preeclampsia?
  • Do only overweight women get preeclampsia?
  • Is delivery a cure for preeclampsia?

The myths about preeclampsia are everywhere and we hear them all the time, whether it's during a pregnancy complicated by it or after a delivery because of it. People may think this information is helpful, but it can cause confusion. These myths persist because it's human nature to seek control over the unknown, but let's see what we can do to dispel them.
Takin' it to the streets
Preeclampsia Foundation Executive Director Eleni Tsigas visited Chicago earlier this month to help educate healthcare providers and hang out with our awesome Promise Walk volunteer team in the Windy City! While there, Eleni felt inspired to write this blog post that ponders: Would you rather have a hospital system that defers to bailing out of a preeclamptic pregnancy as soon as possible, or one that takes more of a wait-and-watch approach?
Let your voice be heard
Do you have a heart for making sure the voice of patients is kept at the center of the Preeclampsia Foundation's mission? Do you want to represent the views of other preeclampsia, eclampsia, and HELLP syndrome survivors like you? Then consider applying to be a member of our Patient Advisory Council!

The Patient Advisory Council ("PAC") serves as a diverse advisory resource to the Board of Directors and staff of the Preeclampsia Foundation for the purpose of maintaining and furthering the Foundation's position as a patient-centered, patient-driven patient advocacy organization. The  PAC operates to directly engage patients, the Board, and staff in meaningful, ongoing communication, and to provide patient feedback about specific programs.

As the PAC membership changes and grows, so too do our needs as we strive to represent the breadth of experiences and backgrounds that make up the "preeclampsia patient." For that reason, we invite anyone interested in serving on the PAC to apply at this time, even if you have previously submitted an application.


Each member of the PAC is a preeclampsia survivor or a family member of a woman who suffered death or disability such that she is unable to represent herself as the result of preeclampsia. The PAC is currently accepting applicants through July 1, 2015 via an online application, which will be reviewed by the PAC in the fall. Read the press release for more information on what the position entails.
There's still time to become a G.E.M. Founding Member
G.E.M. Founding Members
Regina Adams
Ani Clarksen
Monica Heidesch
Sig-Linda Jacobsen
Nohora Martinez
Ilse & George Mindling
Jeanne Mouchet
Courtney & Ben Sundell
Special thanks to our G.E.M. Founding Members for stepping up to support our new program that makes donations to the Preeclampsia Foundation go even further. They're among the first 20 dedicated donors to join G.E.M., short for Giving Every Month, and be recognized as Founding Members.

There's still time to become a G.E.M. Founding Member yourself! Join G.E.M. today and you'll be recognized right here in Expectations next month, on our website, and in our Annual Report (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).

This program makes giving to our not-for-profit organization as convenient as possible and offers several benefits.

Be a gem and become a Founding Member today -- you'll be in great company with your name listed with these dedicated donors!

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