APRIL 2015

7 ways you can support Preeclampsia Awareness Month!
We're so excited to celebrate National Preeclampsia Awareness Month in May and we'd love to share in that excitement with you! As a nationally recognized health observance, Preeclampsia Awareness Month presents the perfect opportunity for the Preeclampsia Foundation to host educational and inspirational events that will increase awareness of this life-threatening disorder of pregnancy.

Here are 7 simple ways you can support our awareness efforts in May:

1) Take the Preeclampsia Pledge: Know the Symptoms. Spread the Word. For pregnant women, it's all about early recognition and reporting of symptoms to your healthcare provider. Don't know the symptoms? Click here.

2) Join one of the 43 Promise Walk for Preeclampsia events being held at locations across the country. Visit www.promisewalk.org for specific locations.


3) No Promise Walk location near you? Then join our Virtual Promise Walk today from anywhere! Your $20 registration fee will go toward our national goal to raise $500,000 toward lifesaving research and education for all pregnant women.


4) Post our Preeclampsia Awareness Month banner or button on your official website or blog. This digital ad will link to our campaign page, where your logo will be prominently displayed (at no cost to you). We also have additional ad sizes available on our Facebook photo gallery.


5) Change your Facebook profile picture to "Making Strides for Moms & Babies!" also available on our Facebook photo gallery.


6) Promote and participate in our weekly Twitter Chats in May; follow @preeclampsia using #PreAM15. We also have 31 Days of Tweets so you can tweet every day in May!


7) Share our popular 7 Symptoms Every Pregnant Woman Should Know video; English and Spanish versions are available.  


Visit www.preeeclampsia.org/PreAM for all the tools you'll need to help spread the word!    

New monthly giving program makes donations go further

It's been five years since Courtney Sundell's sister Lindsay lost her firstborn, Sophia Marie, to preeclampsia. Since then, Courtney and her husband have been recurring donors to the Preeclampsia Foundation, and were among the first to recognize that donating on a regular basis helps us be better stewards of our mission and donors' dollars.  


"After we lost my niece Sophia, my husband and I made it a priority to donate to children-focused charities," said Courtney. "The Preeclampsia Foundation has been one of our favorites ever since!" 


Our new program called G.E.M., short for Giving Every Month, makes giving to our nonprofit organization as convenient as possible for you and features many benefits. Most importantly, turning your tax-deductible gift into monthly donations will make our mission of saving the lives of mothers and babies go even further. Be a gem and join today! 

We'd like you to like us!

Facebook is one of the many ways we spread awareness about preeclampsia and related disorders of pregnancy. Help us increase our Likes from the 9,151 we have today, and keep abreast of important news and information about this life-threatening disorder that impacts up to 8% of pregnancies every year. Thank you!

Needed: Minority representation in research
In conjunction with National Minority Health Month, we're reaching out to all preeclampsia survivors
and families with information about
The Preeclampsia Registry.

It was normal for her pressures to have risen slightly in her second trimester, a midwife from the Alaska Indian Health Facility assured her patient Laura M. in 1998. The gain of 20 pounds in two weeks was probably dehydration, maybe a bit of carelessness with her diet. Laura's provider never mentioned that Laura's Native American ethnicity could be a risk factor for preeclampsia, or that obesity and a family history of both hypertension and diabetes might put Laura at higher risk for preeclampsia. It's possible that her care provider didn't even know.


Medical research related to pregnancy complications has not always included enough non-white participants to ensure those study populations look like the overall population of pregnant women. This is like drawing mostly one suit from a deck of cards - your hand doesn't look like the deck, making it hard to predict how things could play out. When minority populations aren't represented, research can't give doctors any warning about unique risks to minorities. The lack of data also means no one knows if a different approach could improve care and outcomes. Read the full story for information on how to improve minority representation in medical research through The Preeclampsia Registry.
2015 funding available for preeclampsia-related research
Applications are now being accepted for the Preeclampsia Foundation's 2015 Vision Grant program. Up to two medical research Vision Grants will be awarded to study preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, up to $20,000 each.


Vision Grants are intended to provide initial funding for novel, innovative research by promising young investigators towards detection, prevention or treatment of preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.
Post-doctoral, Clinical Fellows or Early Stage Investigators only are eligible to apply. 
Projects with potential to alter clinical management and improve patient outcomes will receive priority, but any well-considered research proposal will be accepted for review. International applications are welcomed; however, submissions must be in English.


The application deadline is June 17, 2015, with award notification September 4, 2015. Visit www.preeclampsia.org/research for more information and application instructions. The Vision Grants will be presented at the North American Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy Annual Meeting in Chicago. All researchers are encouraged to attend this scientific meeting.

$1 of every $5 bracelet purchase donated to Foundation
$1 of this bracelet is donated to the
Preeclampsia Foundation 


We're very excited to announce that our friends at Pura Vida Bracelets have updated their Preeclampsia Awareness bracelets just in time for May as Preeclampsia Awareness Month!   

$1 out of this $5 bracelet comes back to our Foundation to support life-saving research and healthcare improvements.


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