MARCH 2015

New York adopts lifesaving preeclampsia symptoms tool
Because symptoms of preeclampsia can be mistaken as being "normal" during pregnancy, it's critical for all pregnant women to understand and recognize the warning signs of this life-threatening disorder and seek medical attention if they experience them. That's why the New York State Department of Health is offering important preeclampsia patient education to all New York birthing facilities. Available in English and Spanish, the Preeclampsia Symptoms Tear Pad uses illustrations to describe signs and symptoms so they are easily understandable, especially for those with poor health literacy. Read the full story to learn more about this important education tool. 
New Promise Walk team incentive has your back!
We're incredibly excited to share our
2015 design. Simple but direct:
Making Strides for Moms & Babies

We're incredibly excited to announce a totally NEW incentive level for all you teams out there! This year, we're offering a special incentive for TEAM fundraisers that raise $1,000+ by the t-shirt ordering deadline. The $1,000+ fundraising teams will have their logos printed on the back of our local shirts!  


Here are the rules: 

  1. The team must raise $1,000 or more collectively BY the local walk deadline. This is a collective donation, NOT individual like our other incentives. Your walk coordinator can provide you with the deadline for your location. Team fundraising totals will be verified on that date.
  2. The team captain must email a high quality, black and white logo for their team to the walk coordinator by the deadline given. Logo guidelines: it should be easy to reproduce, no small print or fine lines, but it can have simple imagery. (If you don't provide a logo, we'll list your team in a nice black and white font.)
  3. Logos will be placed along with the local sponsor logos according to the amount raised ($1,000 below $2,500+), directly under the national sponsors.

So get out there and get FUNDRAISING! We can't wait to celebrate our TEAMS!

The Preeclampsia Registry: One participant's perspective

by Eleni Tsigas, Executive Director


I don't know about you but I have this lofty goal for my household organization that includes having each family member's medical records neatly organized and categorized - providing this comprehensive compendium of every important and not so important medical event in our lives, contributing valuable information to our roles as "empowered patients." Idealistic? Yes. Realistic? No. Unfortunately, I can't even seem to handle "When was your last menstrual cycle?" much less "When was your last tetanus shot?"


So it took me close to a year after The Preeclampsia Registry was launched before I mustered up the courage to pull out an entire file drawer to find records from my three pregnancies -- the first with preeclampsia that ended disastrously with the death of my daughter, the second - also with preeclampsia -- that ended with two weeks of in-hospital surveillance for me, delivery, and two weeks of "Hotel NICU" for my son. Along with all the in-between second opinions, tests to unmask underlying health problems -- there were none -- and finally an experimental and closely watched third pregnancy that ended with a blissfully boring scheduled c-section. Keep reading Eleni's moving and motivating story. 

Spirit of Giving Award recipient keeps on quilting
Rosemary Jorden (second from left) receives the Spirit of Giving Award from the Foundation's Director of Community Relations Laney Poye (left), Board of Director Chair Katie Rielly-Gauvin (second from right), and Executive Director Eleni Tsigas.
Our 2014 Angela Little Spirit of Giving Award Recipient Rosemary Jorden is still doing what she does best -- she's working on her ninth Preeclampsia Memorial and Survivor Quilt to honor the experience of survivors from across the globe.

Named after the Foundation's former Director of Operations who personifies selflessness, this award is given to a volunteer who exhibits selfless devotion to the Foundation's mission of education and support. As a preeclampsia survivor, Rosemary works quietly in the background, creating these quilts and serving on the Foundation's Patient Support Network, providing grief support to families who have experienced infant or maternal loss. Read Rosemary's full story for inspiring answers to our questions about what keeps her quilting.
Get your youth survivor t-shirts now!
A big thumps up to Nikki Mellor Mather for sharing this adorable photo of her and her son modeling our survivor t-shirts! As co-coordinator of the 2015 Chicago Promise Walk team, Nikki knows how to show the world they're survivors!

You too can be the proud owner of this light blue "I am a preeclampsia survivor" t-shirt available in youth and adult sizes for $18 each. It's the perfect gift for the young or young-at-heart survivor of preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome, eclampsia, and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Front of the shirt features the custom-designed survivor heart logo by artist Melissa Muir; back of adult shirts include signs and symptoms of preeclampsia. Shipping and handling included.