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Addressing Stress & Biography in Cancer Treatment
February 2, 2015

The link between stress and the development and/or progression of chronic diseases is now well researched, well established and increasingly acknowledged by patients and physicians alike as an important component to integrate in care. 


There is also ample evidence suggesting that the biological and neuropsychological impact of early life trauma has a lasting impact on health and disease. 


Cancer research shows that several psychological variables can affect the progression of the disease. Research also suggests that previous life experiences may make people more susceptible to developing cancer and can also affect the ability to respond and adapt to being diagnosed with cancer and cope with the treatment process.


The encouraging, good news is that psychosocial interventions and mind-body medicine can exert a positive effect on the healing process!  By shedding light on these issues and addressing them as part of an integrated, whole person treatment plan, not only is the effectiveness of treatment enhanced, but quality of life for cancer patients is improved and the length of survival can be extended. This is powerful!


I am excited to be presenting this month at the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) annual conference in Phoenix Arizona. My topic is: How Biography Becomes Biology: Mind-Body Integrative Treatment for People with Cancer.  

I have been inspired over my 30 year career by many patients who have responded to the difficult challenge of a cancer diagnosis with an attitude of courage and determination. To me, they demonstrate with great strength and beauty the essence of this quote:

"You are not what happened to you, 
you are what you choose to become."
                           ~ Carl Jung


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Scared Sick: How Biography Becomes Biology
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I'd like to share a research study and an article on the role of stress and the importance of the mind-body connection in the experience and treatment of cancer:

Mind Matters in Cancer Survival - David Spiegel, MD. in Psycho-Oncology June 2012. This study provides exciting findings related to how important the Mind-Body connection is when treating cancer. Dr. Spiegel states that, "We have often minimized a natural ally in the battle against cancer - the patient's physiological stress coping mechanisms."


Mindfulness Meditation by Susan Bauer-wu, PhD, RN on the Cancer Network, home of the Journal of Oncology website. Dr. Bauer-wu states that there is "reasonably strong evidence supporting the use of mindfulness meditation and related practices for cancer patients/survivors." Read this article to find out how Mindfulness Meditation can be beneficial to those dealing with cancer.

Make sure and check my event calendar regularly for details on all my upcoming classes, lectures, workshops and Webinars.

Wishing you peace, health and joy,
Paul Epstein, ND
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About Dr. Paul Epstein
Dr. Paul Epstein Portrait Paul Epstein, ND is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), specializing in Mindful Healing and Mind-Body Integrative Medicine.

He has more than 30 years experience in private practice successfully treating patients with powerful, life changing therapies.


Dr. Epstein is currently accepting new patients into his practice. He also works with healing professionals as a Professional Coach to teach practitioners how to work in a truly integrative fashion in their own practice.

He is a pioneer and leading voice in Mind-Body Integrative Medicine lecturing internationally to both general and professional audiences.  

Dr. Epstein is an extraordinary teacher who presents compelling topics that inform, educate, motivate and inspire. His work is helping create a much needed paradigm shift in the practice of medicine and the healing arts.

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