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Hi College Bound families!

Welcome to the new mobile-friendly format for the Scholarship Gold newsletter.  We have a few important items to address! I just sent out my annual To-Do newsletter so this one is just catching up on a few other items and the classes that are coming up. 

1-New classes added- See below for details of new classes added throughout the rest of the summer. These are great resources for all college bound families.

2- Summer to-do list!-  Enjoy some tips for students to make the most of their summer. Also- recent grads have some important items to do too!

3. Personal update- Busy June!  Many of you have been kind enough to ask for news of my son's college choice.  Nathaniel will be a senior next year and was recruited to swim for some great schools including four Ivies, a few big state schools and a range of others.  It was a fun and exciting process.  In the end, he chose to commit to Duke University.  So, we have a future Blue Devil.  My apologies to the Tarheels out there!

 We also enjoyed our daughter's graduation from Dartmouth a few weeks ago.  She went straight to work for NASA the next day, writing their blogs and social media posts.  She loves it but will probably head to grad school after a year. Very happy for her!

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I frequently post interesting articles and deadlines on the Scholarship Gold Facebook page.  Make sure to "Like" it so that you can stay current on all the news.

I hope your summer is off to a great start!           - Elizabeth Hartley
Upcoming Classes in SC and GA

July 23rd will be my first time doing public workshops in the Atlanta area!  
 This set of classes will be geared to rising seniors so please share

the news with any friends from GA!

These workshops are a great way to equip the whole family with the tools to navigate the college bound journey successfully!  

All classes are only $75/student and parents are always 
encouraged to come along at no charge. 

 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT

There is a fine art to writing a compelling and insightful essay for college admissions and scholarship applications. This class will cover all of the elements of an effective essay and assist students as they create their own unique creative work.

Senior Year Essentials- Marietta GA- July 23rd-3:00 PM to 6:00 PM 

Senior Year Essentials- Lake Wylie- Aug 27th- 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Whether pursuing an elite school or a public college, the senior year is full of time sensitive tasks to make sure you get all of the options you want for college. Come learn exactly what you need to do have the best choices! We will cover applications, scholarships, interviews, financial aid and more! Come take the stress out of what lies ahead!

College Bound Essentials- Lake Wylie, SC-  Aug 20th- 9:00-noon

This is absolutely one class that every 8th-11th grade college bound student and their parents should attend! Come learn how to navigate scholarships, financial aid, how to pick a college, test prep tips and much more! This event may totally change how you approach what lies ahead!

Junior Year Essentials- Aug 20th -Lake Wylie, SC-  1:00-4:00

This class will walk you step by step through all you need to do the junior year, including when to take the SAT/ACT and how to prepare for it, what you can do to best position for scholarships and financial aid, how/when to tour schools, what is important to do over the summer and much, much more. Every current 10th grader & parents should come!

All Students- Spend your summer wisely!

How you spend your time when no one is telling you what to do says a lot about you.  Colleges love to see students who fill their time with interesting and enriching activities rather than just lying about playing video games or on social media.  Here are some ideas that will serve you well for how to fill your summer!

1- Do something for someone else-  Take advantage of the chance to volunteer to help your community, the environment, homeless people, rescued animals, or any other worthy cause.  Your initiative and time demonstrate that you care about things other than your own personal interests. 

2- Do something for yourself- Attend a camp that helps you explore a career of interest, learn to write a blog or program an app for a phone, teach yourself a language using the Rosetta stone, learn to cook, repair or restore a car, plant a get the idea.  Use this time to become even more interesting!

3- Read two good books of your own choosing- Find a great biography, a classic book, a riveting mystery, a sci-fi thriller or some other book that you can just enjoy for the sake of reading.  Many colleges will ask you for a list of the books you have read for pleasure.  Start building that list now!

4- Have some fun!  Summer can't be all work.  Get out and do something fun with your friends or your family.  Make some memories!

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