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MAY 2016
Vol 2, Issue 1


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Hi College Bound Friends!

A few items to follow up to the email from last week. I'll include the topics from that other newsletter, for the sake of new subscribers. New information will be listed in the first block below. 
  • Upcoming workshops in April/May/June- see below
  • SAT AND ACT deadlines
  • Great ways for students of all ages to enrich themselves outside the classroom
  • IMPORTANT! Final to-do list for seniors- getting your ducks in a row for college

LAST CALL for Events May 12th event in Spartanburg 
and May 14th in Lake Wylie! 

All classes are $75/student and parents come along at no extra charge. 

  A special presentation of College Bound Essentials will be held at Spartanburg Methodist College (Gibbs Auditorium). on May 12th from 6:00-9:00 pm.  This event will be tailored to serve both the home school community as well as traditional students. What you DON'T know can cost you thousands so come join this exciting class!  $75/student and parents come along at no extra charge.

College Bound Essentials-Lake Wylie-   May 14th- 9:00-noon- click HERE
    $75/student & parents come along for free
This is absolutely one class that every 8th-11th grade college bound student and their parents should attend! Come learn how to navigate scholarships, financial aid, how to pick a college, test prep tips and much more! This event may totally change how you approach what lies ahead!

Rising Junior Year Essentials  
Lake Wylie- May 14th-  1:00 PM to 4:00 - click HERE
`For current sophomores!  Your upcoming junior year is arguably the most important of your high school career. Join us for this essential workshop covering all of the critical items juniors need to cover in order to be best prepared for college admission and scholarships. We will cover course selection, SAT/ACT prep, college tours, leadership & more! 

Essay Writing for College Admissions and Scholarships-  Lake Wylie- 9:00-noon
A well crafted essay can be a game changer for admissions and scholarships. Students will learn the key elements of a compelling essay and will receive one on one guidance on creating their own unique essay.

Saturday, June 4th- 9:00-noon (Click HERE)
Saturday, Aug 27th- 9:00-noon (Click HERE)

Rising Senior Year Essentials  (Class of 2017) 1:00-4:00 (following the Essay class) 
Class of 2017! The senior year is packed with time sensitive tasks to make sure you get all of the options you want for college. Come learn exactly what you will need to do starting on Aug 1st of your senior year. We will cover applications, scholarships, interviews, financial aid and more! Come take the stress out of what lies ahead!

   Saturday, June 4th  (click HERE)
    Saturday, Aug 27th  (click HERE

I hope the information in the newsletter below is helpful!  

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SAT and ACT dates and deadlines

Standardized tests play a huge role in college scholarships and admissions so it's essential that juniors plan to take one of each in the fall/early winter of their junior year and then repeat in May/June the test that works better for them. Then, they can study and retake the test in the fall of the senior year.  It is fine to take either or both test multiple times (2-3) but refrain from becoming a "serial test taker". 

The final SAT for the summer will be June 4th so sign up immediately if you need to take it. Make sure to take any SAT Subject Tests that your prospective colleges may require. (www.collegeboard.org)
SAT and SAT subject tests for next year- plan ahead!
Test Date
Normal Registration
Late Registration
Oct 1, 2016
Sep 2, 2016
Sep 16, 2016
Nov 5, 2016
Oct 7, 2016
Oct 21, 2016
Dec 3, 2016
Nov 4, 2016
Nov 18, 2016
Jan 28, 2017
Dec 30, 2016
Jan 13, 2017
Mar 11, 2017
Feb 10, 2017
Feb 24, 2017
May 6, 2017
Apr 7, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Jun 3, 2017
May 5, 2017
May 19, 2017

The final ACT for summer will be offered June 11th- registration closes soon so don't delay! (www.ACTstudent.org)

2016 - 2017 ACT Test Dates
Test Date
Register by
Late Registration
Feb. 6, 2016
Jan. 8
Jan. 9 - 15
April 9, 2016
March 4
March 5 - 18
June 11, 2016
May 6
May 7 - 20
Sept. 10, 2016
Aug. 5
Aug. 6-19
Oct. 22, 2016
Sept. 16
Sept. 17 - 30
Dec. 10, 2016
Nov. 4
Nov. 5 - 18
Feb. 11, 2017
Jan. 13
Jan. 14 - 20
April 8, 2017
March 3
March 4 - 17
June 10, 2017
May 5
May 6 - 19

 Happy student news
Client Feedback- Some readers have mentioned that they find encouragement when they read the outcomes of students who are further ahead in this college journey.  Here's an email I received this week and I'm sharing it with the writer's permission.  Enjoy!  

Have news or feedback to share?  Feel free to send me your thoughts and I'll pass them along!

Mrs. Hartley,

Thank you for all of your help over the past year! From my interview prep with you this past summer to the many essays you've looked over, your assistance has been greatly appreciated! I just wanted to let you know all of the results...
         USC- Accepted, Accepted into Honors College ($84,000 scholarship total)
         UGA- Accepted, Received the Presidential Leadership Scholarship ($85,000 total)
         Elon- Accepted, Presidential Scholarship ($24,000 total), Accepted into the Business Fellows program
         Villanova- Accepted, Received the Villanova Scholarship ($40,000 total)
         UVA- Accepted
         UNC Chapel Hill- Accepted
         Wake Forest- Accepted
         Boston College- Wait-listed
I ended up deciding to go to Chapel Hill, as this best fit me academically (business) and financially.
Thanks again!
Lexi H.

College Bound? Yes, it's important to be smart but it's also 
important to be interesting!


Colleges love students who are aware of world and national events, who can articulately discuss issues of the day and share well-informed opinions.  But honestly, who has the time to stay abreast of everything when you're a student absorbed in classes, sports, chorus, dance, youth groups and more? Taking time to learn about things outside the classroom will help your essays be more thoughtful and your interviews more insightful.
Good news!  Summer is almost here and you can use a bit of it to become a well-informed future voter and future college student!  It's never too early to start and there are some great resources to help you plug in.
Mental Floss Magazine- This is a fun and informative magazine covering a wealth of topics worth discussing over a family dinner.  They also have entertaining YouTube videos.
TED talks-  Ted.com-  Under the "watch" tab, you'll find hundreds of thought provoking videos made all over the world on topics of Technology, Entertainment and Design.  For example, some of their most recent talks include topics such as:
- Are athletes really getting better, stronger, faster?
- Autism- What we know and don't yet know
- Success, failure and the drive to keep creating
- My daughter, Malala (She's the young girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking out for education for girls)

Need to watch TED on the run?  Get the free phone app!  My 15 year old and 17 year old sons wind down at night before going to sleep by watching a TED talk or two.  Enjoy!
 The Week (Magazine) - We get this magazine because it sums up all of the major news stories of the week and presents them in a condensed and fairly balanced format.  
While I hope you take an interest in what's happening in the world because it is a smart thing to do, it may also interest you to know that scholarship interviewers like to ask questions about current events. Enjoy these accessible and interesting tools!


At this point, you have put in your deposits and committed to your school of choice.  Now, there are a few more things to tend to:
1- Make sure you have an id and password to your college account.  Check your account with them and make sure you have accepted all grants and scholarships, make sure you've told them if you want to accept any loans that were offered, and make a note on your calendar regarding when your payment for fall semester is due (typically no later than mid-August). 
2- Add the parents to your account as approved recipients of any financial information/bills.  Each school will have some way that the parents can be added to the account as someone approved to access the billing system and/or talk with people in the finance dept about the student's account.
3- Look for a roommate-  While you hear occasional stories of people getting a randomly assigned roommate and it works out great, there are more horror stories than good ones.  A bad roomie can mess up your whole freshman experience.  Go on the Facebook page of the incoming class of your school (almost all have them) or go on the school's own online meet-up site for finding a roommate.  
Ask things like:
- Do you like to stay up late or go to bed early?
- Do you want our room to be the social hub, where people come to hang out, or do you want to keep it quieter for studying?
- Honestly- Do you drink? Do you smoke anything?  Do you want to do it in the room?
- Do you plan or expect to have overnight visitors, especially people you're dating?
- What funny habits do you have that I need to know about?
- Do you plan to rush a frat or sorority?
- What kind of clubs do you plan to get into?  (You can get an insightful impression of someone by what they plan to join)
- What tv shows do you like to watch?
4- Find out what medical and insurance information the school needs on you- All schools will require proof of medical insurance and your immunization records.  Find out what your school needs and provide it by their deadline.
5- Pick your dorm-  Many colleges have substance-free dorms, which I highly recommend. It doesn't mean that everyone living there is taking a vow to be substance free but at least they're promising not to do it in the dorm, where it can become problematic for roommates.  Ask about the security protocols in place for each one.  Choose dorms that have a central lobby with a desk attendant over dorms where the dorm door opens directly out to the outside.
6- Sign up for registration and orientation-  Make this a priority! When you go, be ready to:
- pick your classes, 
- get your official ID, 
- sign up for your meal plan of choice
- find out about the routine for moving in on the first day,
- learn about the Student Services resources for tutoring and support if you start to struggle,
- sign up for some clubs and organizations of interest, 
- get your book list for your classes (rent if possible), 
- see if you can take a look at your future room. Find out what furniture is provided and if they will offer to loft the beds
- meet your advisor if possible
- get a laptop if you don't already have one.  When you look around campuses, you'll notice about 80% have Macs. Insure it.
- register your laptop and other valuables with campus security (they'll give you a barcode sticker to stick on the bottom)
- find out about what transportation is available for students who fly back and forth (Is there a college airport shuttle during the holidays?)
- decide if you want to have a bike on campus- get a good lock
- find out if you can have a car on campus and how to get a parking sticker
7- Discuss with your parents how you'll handle money for the coming year-   Get a student checking account and a debit card. Discuss whether the parents will deposit a certain sum into the account for monthly incidentals. (This is what we do for our kids, to encourage them to pay attention to budgeting and planning.)  Or, will the parents instead let the student have a credit card that is tied to the parents' account?
8- Send a thank you note (or at least an email) to the people who wrote your rec letters and tell them of your decision and thank them for being part of your process.
9- Make some great memories over the summer with your family. Students, your parents have poured 18 years of hopes, dreams, worry, sacrifice and time into trying to give you everything that would help you have a remarkable and happy life.  THANK THEM. They are your greatest advocate in this world. 

Elizabeth Hartley                 

Scholarship Gold Consulting                                         


Elizabeth@ScholarshipGold.com                                                www.ScholarshipGold.com 

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