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April 2016
Vol 2, Issue 1


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Hi College Bound Friends!

There are a lot of important topics to cover this month!  See the list below for what's in this edition. 
  • Upcoming workshops in April/May/June- see below
  • Why attending college in England can be a bargain
  • Seniors- What to do if you're waitlisted to a college you love
  • Guidance for Athletes who want to play in college

Scholarship Gold has had some great acceptance and scholarship stories this year including the following so far. (There are many decisions we are still awaiting on April 1st.)

U Penn
Columbia University
Claremont McKenna
UNC and UNC Honors College
USC and Honors College 
NC State University
Univ of Texas
Johns Hopkins
and many more!  

It's been a very competitive year for admissions so we at Scholarship Gold send a hearty congratulations to all of our seniors!

I hope the information in the newsletter below is helpful!  

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 Seniors- What to do if you're waitlisted



The top-ranked schools are harder than ever to get into in recent years, since most students are applying to 8-12 schools, rather than the old average of 4-6.  As a result, the same high achieving students are getting into multiple top schools, leaving other students on the wait list. 

If you decide to accept a spot on the school's waiting list, you probably won't hear if you're admitted off of the waitlist until the summer.  Therefore, you still need to put in your deposit by May 1st at a school to which you have been admitted, find a roommate and make plans for the options you have.  If the waitlist option works out as a happy surprise, that's great, but don't put your life on hold in the meantime. 

Follow these steps if you are put on the wait list:

1) Reply to the school that you're willing to take a spot on the wait list. Most schools will give you a reply card to send in or an email link to follow to tell them if you want to be on the wait list or not.  Only accept a spot if you are truly willing to switch your plans at the last minute to attend.

2) Finish your last semester as strongly as possible.  There is a chance that your wait list schools may take a look at your final transcript when making their decision. 

3)  Provide the school with news of any new accomplishments or honors since you applied. Explain the level of your enthusiasm for the school and your willingness to attend if offered a spot.  However, only make that kind of declaration if you mean it.  

4) Check with the school to see if it would let you come for an interview with admissions- Schools have varying policies on interviews but it doesn't hurt to check. 

Ultimately, it is an accomplishment to be waitlisted rather than rejected or deferred.  However, you still have to realistically evaluate the options in front of you now and make your commitment before May 1st. Then, my friends, buy the bumper sticker, get your college t-shirt, get a roommate and move forward without obsessing on "what might have been". You can shine and thrive at a number of colleges- don't worry about the one that got away and be excited about the one you're going to next year!


Get your spot!  Upcoming events this spring and summer!


Workshops are the most cost effective and convenient way for parents and students to equip themselves for the many stages of college preparation.  There are some workshops I only offer in the spring so see if any of these workshops work for you!
All Scholarship Gold Events are $75 per student and parents come along at no extra charge. Click on the blue event title for details or to sign up.

College Bound Essentials-Spartanburg May 12th  6:00-9:00 
$75/student, parents come along for free
Home Schoolers & Traditional students welcome)

This dynamic workshop covers all the essential elements of college and scholarship planning. There will be an extra component of this workshop that will be of specific benefit to homeschool families but most of the class is beneficial to students from all educational settings. All are welcome! What you learn may change how you approach college! 

                                                                 Spartanburg Methodist College- Gibbs Auditorium                       

    College Bound Essentials-Lake Wylie-   May 14th- 9:00-noon
    $75/student & parents come along for free

This is absolutely one class that every 8th-11th grade college bound student and their parents should attend! Come learn how to navigate scholarships, financial aid, how to pick a college, test prep tips and much more! This event may totally change how you approach what lies ahead!
                                                       Good Samaritan United Methodist Church- Lake Wylie

      Rising Junior Year Essentials- Lake Wylie-   Saturday May 14th-  1:00 PM to 4:00  
`For current sophomores! Your upcoming junior year is arguably the most important of your high school career. Join us for this essential workshop covering all of the critical items juniors need to cover in order to be best prepared for college admission and scholarships. We will cover course selection, SAT/ACT prep, college tours, leadership & more!
Good Samaritan United Methodist Church- Lake Wylie

Essay Writing for Scholarships and Admissions $75 per student, parents accompany for free
    Saturday April 23rd- 9:00-noon- 
 only 4 spots left
    Saturday, June 4th- 9:00-noon (Click HERE)
    Saturday, Aug 27th- 9:00-noon (Click HERE)
New River Community Church- Lake Wylie 

Seniors, why wait until the panic of next fall to write your college essays when you can do it over the summer?  The essay topics have already been released and we will use those to help you craft your ideal essay. This class will cover all of the elements of an effective essay and assist students as they create their own unique creative work. 

Rising Senior Year Essentials  (Class of 2017) 1:00-4:00 (following the Essay class) on the following days.
     $75/student and parents come along at no extra charge.

Saturday, April 23rd (click HERE

Saturday, June 4th  (click HERE)
Saturday, Aug 27th  (click HERE
New River Community Church- Lake Wylie

Class of 2017! The senior year is packed with time sensitive tasks to make sure you get all of the options you want for college. Come learn exactly what you will need to do starting on Aug 1st of your senior year. We will cover applications, scholarships, interviews, financial aid and more! Come take the stress out of what lies ahead!

 Universities in England Offer Appealing Options!


I'm not sure I ever mentioned this but I attended graduate school at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, England, where I met my husband, also a grad student at the time, pursuing his PhD.  It was a remarkable experience to study in a foreign country and meet other students from all over the world.  For some students pursuing their Bachelor's degrees, a British university may offer some appealing options.

I had lunch this week with Ryan Duncan, an admissions rep from the University of Manchester, in England.  Through our discussion, we pinpointed some key points that American students may want to consider.

1- A bachelor's degree in England only takes 3 years instead of 4.  Obviously, that savings in time equals savings monetarily too. (Note- A degree in Scotland is still 4 years.) 

2- Tuition to a British university is about $21,000, which is far less than most American private schools and a bit higher than most in-state public university tuition. However, you are typically locked in to that rate for the duration of your degree, unlike here in the US where tuition goes up every year. And remember, that price is only for three years.  Room and board are extra, like in the US, but they offer a range of housing options and prices.

3- International experience unlike your American friends- If you want a "road less traveled" experience, this can be a great option to get a unique growth experience.

Getting into a British university still requires solid test scores- an ACT of 27 or an SAT of 1200.  They also want American students to have at least a "4" on at least three AP exams. They will accept well-documented, strong home school students. These requirements can vary slightly throughout all of the country's universities.  (Note- They don't offer merit scholarships.)

The British system of education puts a lot of responsibility on the students to be disciplined and proactive in their studies. There are few to no tests throughout the semester.  Like in Harry Potter, there are big final exams at the end of the semester that are basically "all or nothing". Some students are not suited to that teaching model while others do well with it.  I know I was caught off guard by the lack of assignments and tests and it stressed me out to not know how I was doing in the class.  Bear this in mind when considering a British education.

If you would like more information about the University of Manchester, please reach out to Ryan Duncan of the University of Manchester at ryan.duncan@manchester.ac.uk.  
Want to Play a Sport in College?  




Any athlete hoping to be recruited to play for a Division I or Division II college needs to register with the NCAA on EligibilityCenter.org during their sophomore or junior year. (Students who plan to play for a D3 school don't need to register.)  Your guidance counselor will need to forward your transcript to the NCAA and you will have to also send your SAT or ACT scores to the NCAA as well in order to be deemed eligible for recruitment.  You can also create a free online profile on such sites as  Berecruited.com or NCSAsports.org.  

There are strict NCAA rules about who on a coaching staff can reach out to potential players and exactly when and how that contact can be made.  Recently, some major changes were approved to this process, although a few of them now are being revisited and revised.  So, be mindful of the fact that just because you knew the rules last year doesn't mean you're up to date this year.  


Other points to help you in your recruitment process:


1- Remember that it is ok for you to reach out to coaches before it is ok for them to reach out to you.  If you're going to be on a college campus, call or email the coach to see if you can come by, introduce yourself and learn something about their program.  The coaches cannot call you back, so keep trying if you don't reach them the first time.


2- Identify schools that you're interested in and complete their athletic recruitment profile on each school's website. It's a great way to push your information out to them.


3- You still have to keep your grades up, no matter how great an athlete you are.  Colleges recruit student-athletes, not just athletes.  You'll be far more attractive to college coaches if your grades demonstrate that they won't have to worry about you going on academic probation. 

4- Have a notebook in which you track the schools, coaches and your ongoing connection with each one.  Track when you emailed, visited, toured, etc. and how interested you are in each one. Whenever possible, build a relationship with the coaches in advance. That way, you'll be more prepared once serious negotiations are underway in the summer/fall of your senior year. 


Ultimately- Be smart throughout this process. Remember that injuries can happen any time and only a small number of athletes actually get recruited by a top D1 team and get the full rides. Excel in your sport and do all you can to be recruited but stay strong academically and keep your options open.

Elizabeth Hartley                 

Scholarship Gold Consulting                                         


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