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June 2014
Vol 2, Issue 1


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Hi College Bound friends!


First of all, a heartfelt thank you to those who knew about the sudden passing away of my father last week. We are still reeling from the shock and slowly adjusting.  I'm so grateful that my kids have had the joy of living next to him and my mom for all these years and had just enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation with him before he passed away a few hours later. Thank you to those who kindly rescheduled for appointments in the coming weeks or who agreed to meet with my associate, Kay, as I attended to family obligations.


So, with that said, on to the topic at hand, planning for your amazing future.  At the risk of being redundant, I'll remind you guys of your "to do" list for the summer, below.


Rising seniors- Over the summer you want to finalize your list of colleges you plan to pursue (5-8 is typical), prepare for your fall SAT or ACT exams, work on your application essays, do some volunteer work and attend any pre-college camps that appeal to you.  The Common Application will be re-opened on August 1st, allowing you to start your applications even before school starts.


Rising Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors- Use your summers to pursue your hobbies and interests, to volunteer, travel, start your own small business and perhaps attend some pre-college camps.  What you choose to do over your summers can really add that extra pizazz to your applications and set you apart from the students who just used their summers to hang out at the pool and play x-box!  


Rising juniors also need to prep for the PSAT they will take in Oct of their junior year since so many outstanding scholarships are offered to students who score well.  


New Workshops Announced- by request
Click course title for details and registration

1- *College Bound Essentials
 July 24th- Mooresville, NC  6:00-9:00

2- **
- July 24th- Mooresville, NC 3:00-6:00 

3- *College Bound Essentials
- Aug 23rd- Lake Wylie, SC 9:00-12:00
4- *College Bound Essentials- HomeschoolersSept 11th- Columbia, SC 6:00-9:00
*What is College Bound Essentials? If you want to navigate high school, college admissions, scholarships and financial aid with confidence and success, this workshop is for you. What you learn can totally change your strategy and your choice of college.  The most expensive schools may be the cheapest.  Come learn why!  
(The homeschool version adds in important extra topics unique to homeschoolers, including how to best present the student's information to the college for optimal results.)

**What is Middle School Essentials?  This fun and engaging workshop educates students in grades 5-8 with regard to what lies ahead in high school, why college needs to be in their game plan, how to spend their summers, how to participate in the Congressional Award program and much more.  This class is just the thing to give students an early launch into the college-bound mindset.
Guide to the SC Lottery Scholarships


All students in SC are eligible for a lottery scholarship, even if they attend a private school in SC or in another state or if they are homeschooled.  The full details for what I'm about to describe below can be found on www.CHE.SC.Gov.  
Life Scholarship- $5000/year to any college, public or private, in SC. To qualify, students must have 2 of the following 3 criteria:
- 3.0 weighted gpa or higher
- 1100 SAT (reading and math) or higher - or equivalent ACT
- be in the top 30% of graduating class.

Palmetto Scholarship- $6700 the first year, then $7500 each year for the next three years to any school, public or private, in SC.
To qualify for this scholarship instead of the Life (can't get both), a student must meet ALL 3 of the following criteria.

- 3.5 weighted gpa or higher
- top 6% of class at end of sophomore or junior year
- 1200 SAT or equivalent ACT

OR- if a student doesn't make the top 6%, they can still get the Palmetto by:

- Scoring over 1400 on SAT (reading + math) or equivalent ACT
- Having at least a weighted avg of 4.0 

 Scholarship Enhancements- Students who have either the Life or Palmetto can also get an additional $2500/year after their freshman year if they major in a math, science, engineering, health care or even certain teaching majors.  See CHE.SC.GOV for a specific list of approved majors at each school in SC.

College Visits- Worth doing in the summer or not?


It's a dilemma- When colleges are in session, you don't have time to go take your student on college tours.  When summer vacation rolls around, there are more opportunities to go on college tours but the campuses will be mostly empty, leaving you with an incomplete impression of the school. So- What's the answer?


Students on campus is ideal- It certainly best to go on college visits what students are on campus. Look at your student's school calendar for fall breaks, spring breaks and teacher work days and designate those as college tour days. When my own children are juniors, we always take spring break and make it one big road trip, visiting schools one after another in a big circuit.  Lots of fun!  Why is it important to catch colleges in session?  


1- Students can get a sense of the hustle and bustle and energy of the campus rather than just seeing the grounds and buildings. 

2- Students can look around at the students who are there and get a sense of how well he/she might fit there. 

3- Students can/should  strike up a conversation with an existing student in the cafeteria or at the bookstore and ask them their thoughts of the school. 

4- Students can often sit in on a class or even arrange to stay overnight in a dorm with a host student.


However, many times it's just not possible to catch colleges in session during the school year. In that case, go in the summer and get the most complete information that you can.  You will at least get an impression of the campus, learn about the school's strengths and special programs and form a foundation of an opinion.  You may even get to meet your future admissions counselor and get his/her contact information for later reference.  


If you end up really disliking a school, then fine, take it off your list.  If there is a school you visit in the summer and you think you like it, try to circle back and revisit it when the semester is in session and get a fresh impression.  Hopefully, it will be even better!


Ultimately, all you can do is all you can do.  If visiting schools in the summer is your only option, embrace it and make the most of it.  Ask lots of questions, make notes, get to know your admissions rep and you'll be just fine.



Princeton Review SAT class coming to Lake Wylie



If your student would benefit from the most comprehensive and thorough class available to help them prepare for the October SAT (or PSAT), then I'm happy to tell you that I've worked it out for Princeton Review to bring their Ultimate SAT prep class to Lake Wylie in exchange for me lending them the use of my seminar room.  

It will meet Sunday afternoons at my office, with an occasional Saturday for practice tests.

Princeton Review is the nation's leading company for preparing students for the SAT and ACT. To learn more and potentially sign up, 
2) On the home page, you'll see the middle block says, "Find a Prep Course Near You". Pick "SAT" as the course and put in "29710" as the zip code.  It will take you right to the information about the class.
If your student would benefit from the accountability of an instructor and the structure of a class, this one is a good one to consider.

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