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April 2014
Vol 2, Issue 1


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Hi College Bound friends!


The end of the semester is just around the corner- a few interesting things to pass along!


Students- When it all comes down to it, grades are king when it comes to college admissions.  So, buckle down and finish strong this semester!  With the gorgeous weather and spring sports, it can be tempting to procrastinate!


Parents- Surprise your student with a random act of kindness!  I fondly remember each year in high school my mom surprised me by showing up at my school near the end of spring semester and checking me out about lunch time.  She took me out to lunch and a few times we even went to a movie matinee.  It sent the message to me that she was more interested in me, her daughter, than my grades. It meant the world to me.  So, look for a couple of hours when you can send that same message in your own way. They will remember years from now!


I hope you enjoy the information below! You will find information on:
- The Congressional Award- Calling all Gold Medal Winners!
- The new SAT redesign and what it means to you & summer prep classes
- College Bound Essentials classes in Columbia (and perhaps DC)
- Cool fly fishing camp!
- tutoring options for your student this summer


Calling all Gold Medal Winners- Congressional Award


I am a big fan of students 13.5 or older registering to take part in the Congressional Award program to earn their Congressional Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.  Go to www.CongressionalAward.org and click on the Youth tab to learn more and sign up.  The medals are based on serving a certain number of hours in community service, physical fitness, personal growth and an expedition.

Annually, the 250 students who earn their Congressional Gold medals are invited to convene in Washington in June for a banquet, a group ceremony in the Capitol Bldg. and other events.

We just found out that my son, Jackson, will be receiving his medal in June (yea!) and I'm aware of some of my other students who will also be there.  I'd love to get together for our own dinner and/or group photo.  Can you confirm with me if you'll be there?  I'm aware of the following Gold medal winners but I know there are a few I'm overlooking.  We have a great representation from our area!

Jackson Hartley
Hannah Summer
Madeleine Burrell
Emma Taylor-Brill
Olivia and Rachel Stogner
Jon and Morgan Brownfield


If I don't have you listed above, please let me know.  Then, let's all plan to touch base in DC!

The Redesigned SAT- What does it mean?
Princeton Review SAT class coming to Lake Wylie



The College Board recently announced major changes coming to the SAT in 2016, primarily affecting students who are currently in the 9th grade or below.  Some of the biggest changes will include.

- Dropping the whole Writing section, formerly worth 800 points.  Now, a perfect score on the SAT will be 1600, based on  Critical Reading and Math, and not 2400, which included the Writing section.

- There will be an optional essay, similar to the ACT.  (Tip- Do the optional essay for either the ACT or SAT.)

- Students will no longer lose points for wrong answers, thus eliminating the penalty for guessing.  This is similar to the way the ACT scores.

- The vocabulary words will change so that they are words that most well-read students would have a chance of encountering.

Again- the current 9th graders and younger students will be impacted the most by this transition but students who are currently in the 10th grade may also be caught in the cross-over.  In the meantime, the SAT will remain the same.


If your student would benefit from the most comprehensive and thorough class available to help them prepare for the October SAT (or PSAT), then I'm happy to tell you that I've struck a deal with Princeton Review to bring their Ultimate SAT prep class to Lake Wylie in exchange for me lending them the use of my seminar room.  It will meet Sunday afternoons at my office.  The director, Brian Culbreth, is even offering a $250 discount to every student if you enter the promo code "Summer14Prep" and if you register by April 30th.

Princeton Review is the nation's leading company for preparing students for the SAT and ACT. To learn more and potentially sign up, click here.  The class will only take place if a minimum number of six students enroll.
Upcoming Classes (Plus possible one in DC)

Upcoming Classes! 


College Bound Essentials
-May 10th  
(click here)
9:00-noon,  in Lake Wylie 


This class covers all of the essential topics for planning and positioning for admissions, scholarships and financial aid.  It is only $75/student but parents are strongly encouraged to come along at no extra charge.  When signing up, just enroll the student- no need to sign up the parents.  I'll just assume they are coming along.  

Essay Writing for Admission Applications-
 April 26th  
(click here)  
9-noon, in Lake Wylie
Motivated juniors- this one is for you! I will offer my usual Essay Writing classes a few times next fall but, since the Common App has announced that the essay topics will not be changing next year, I will offer that same class on April 26th from 9:00-noon. The essays are the hardest part of applying- why wait until the stress of next fall to get started?
So, if you want to get a jump start on your college application and scholarship essays and work on them over the summer, come on April 26th and get a head start!  The class is only $75/student and will be held at Good Samaritan Methodist Church in Lake Wylie.
Click here to learn more and sign up.  

College Bound Essentials -For HOMESCHOOLERS- June 5th (click here)
6:00-9:00,  in Columbia, SC 
(Will be offered if 20 or more families enroll.)


This class covers all of the details in the typical College Bound Essentials (see above description) but will also include portions regarding curriculum choices and the extra documentation homeschoolers need to submit to colleges with an application.  It is only $75/student but parents are strongly encouraged to come along at no extra charge.  When signing up, just enroll the student- no need to sign up the parents.  I'll just assume they are coming along.  

College Bound Essentials 
-June 21st
Washington DC  9-noon

I will be in Washington DC during that week and have had a request to present this workshop that Saturday I'm there.  I'm happy to do it if there is sufficient interest.  If you or someone you know would be interested in attending, can you please let me know so I can decide if this is something I need to put together?  Thanks! (Send to Hartleygold@yahoo.com)

Something Different! Awesome Fly Fishing Camp!



One of my students and his mom brought this great camp to my attention.  It is an outstanding camp to learn about fly fishing and river conservation in the mountains of NC.  It is intent on teaching the art of fly fishing to a new generation and brings in a dedicated staff of experienced fishermen to mentor the students. This camp is specifically for students between the ages of 13 and 15.

This camp needs to get the word out and is especially interested in recruiting more girls.  Go to their site and see if this could be an interesting camp for your student.  www.rivercourse.org. 

Summer Tutor Available


One of my students, Reagan Smith, who attends the SC Governor's school throughout the year will be home over the summer and will be offering her services as a tutor for the math portions of the SAT and ACT tests and also as a general math and science tutor to students of all ages.  Her rates are $25/hour, well under the typical commercial rate for this kind of tutoring.


Reagan is an exceptionally gifted student and an extremely accomplished SAT and ACT test taker.  She is bubbly and vivacious and will surely connect well with students.  To speak with Reagan about her availability, email her at reaganm.smith@yahoo.com. 

Kay Holleman Available for After School & Concierge


Private appointments available after school!  

I'm pleased to announce that my new associate, Kay Holleman, is available for convenient after school appointments on most weekdays.  She has over 20 years of experience as a college placement counselor from a prominent private school in Atlanta and a public school in GA. She retired and moved to this area with her husband but just isn't ready to stop counseling.  I have every confidence in her guidance and expertise.  If you would like an appointment for after school (4 pm or later), Kay is available to help.


Concierge-   Kay is also available to take on concierge students- students that she guides throughout the whole high school experience, through college apps and essays and everything in between.  My concierge classes for 2014, 2015 and 2016 have been full for a while since I only take on 10 per each class, which is why Kay is available to take on other students who are seeking the same service.  (I will still be part of the process, teach some of the group classes and will consult on various portions but Kay will be your main point person.)  So, in a way, you get a tag-team for the price of one!  For concierge details, click




Because of my commitments with teaching, concierge students, speaking and work with some local foundations, being able to work with new students after school has become a very difficult thing to schedule.  This is why I'm delighted that Kay is available for those in-demand hours and can help serve the student that my schedule no longer allows.  I'm excited to have her on board!


Email me at HartleyGold@yahoo.com if you would like to set up a session with Kay. 



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