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Christmas ODE
Vol 2, Issue 1


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A Christmas Ode for Stressed out College Bound Families


by Elizabeth (Barrett Browning) Hartley

Tis the weeks before Christmas and all through the home
Students are cramming, with grumbles and groans
Parents are fretting, "Will they get into college?"
"Have they worked hard enough? Do they have enough knowledge?"

The carols play softly and malls are a-humming
Yuletide joy abounds, knowing Santa is coming
Except in the homes of the college bound youth
Who forego the parties in pursuit of great truth

"What will happen?" they think, "If I don't make an A?"
"Will my parents still love me? Will it all be ok?"
In this season of joy grows a cloud of oppression, 
As college dreams morph into bouts of obsession.

Then a miracle happened, that made everything grand
One family said, "Stop!  This has grown out of hand!"
"We want the best for our child, there's not doubt, that's for sure."
"But their worth is much more than a grade or a score."

So, in the midst of the chaos, they all took a hiatus
And agreed to enjoy the holiday status
They renewed old traditions, and for a bit, forgot grades
They told jokes and played games like Taboo and Charades

They hugged and they laughed and remembered what matters
Like acceptance and family and warm cookies on platters
And, while future plans are important, the present is too
And their greatest gift to each other was to just "be", and not "do".

So, while grades, scores and resumes are all quite effective,
For a bit, this December, I  encourage perspective
Make time just to say, " I think that you're great",
And for now, be a family- the future can wait.

 - Elizabeth Hartley

Wishing you all warmth, family and happy memories over the Christmas holidays!
Just a reminder to have balance and enjoy each other, even if there is still a bit of studying and last minute SAT prep going on here and there!
(Don't worry- I won't quit my day job!)

Elizabeth Hartley                 

Scholarship Gold Consulting                                         


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